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3x3 improvement week 2. I'm proud of this

Jan 29, 2018


Feb 18, 2018
I have a series that I'm starting on 3x3 improvement. This is by far my best video.

Watch week 2 here.
Great job on improving your times.

I quite tip that I would recommend for you is when you are doing F2L pairing, and even OLL and PLL, try not to do as many cube rotations like you had in the video. If you can practice inserting pairs in to the back then you will be able to look ahead easier for your next pair. That is just a minor point that I noticed, but I believe that if you practice what Duncan said as well as looking ahead and not having as many cube rotations you will see a pretty big drop in your times. Also, to go off of what Duncan said, try to solve the cross with out turning the cube, or if you need to turn the cube try to only do one rotation for the cross. I look forward to seeing next weeks improvement.