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3x3 Cubicle Labs Yuxin Little Magic M for Trade! Also setting up and lubricating, + Optional magnatization of any current or new puzzles!

Oct 30, 2018
For the Yuxin Little Magic M (Lightly Used) I honestly just want a quality 4x4. I'll take offers on the little magic and I'll set it up for you. I'm Also open to setting up any current or new puzzles. If you have a current puzzle you want set up and lubricated. I'd be happy to set it up. I will only pay for shipping on the way to you. You must pay to get it to me. Shipping on the way back is 3 dollars. I'll give it for free if your order is over 25 dollars. Setup and Lubricating will cost 3 Dollars depending on the cube. Magnatization for any current cube will cost another 6 dollars for the cube. For new cubes dm me and I can talk to you about what that would cost and how that would work. So If I were to ship a Gan air s magnitized and lubed it would be 30 + 3 + 6 That is 39 Dollars for a setup cube VS paying a full 50 for a Magnitized but non setup cube.

PM Me for more information and if you want to offer on the Little magic
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