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[Unofficial] 39.62 3BLD avg5 (37.72 mo3, 34.62 Single)


Dec 19, 2011

Average of 5: 39.62
1. 40.32 B2 F2 R2 U2 L B2 L U2 B2 L2 F2 U R2 B2 D F U R2 U2 B'
2. 40.86 D R2 U B2 D' R2 B2 D B2 F2 U2 R' B U' F' R' B2 L R' D' U
3. 37.69 U2 B2 L2 F' U2 F2 U2 R2 F2 R2 F R' D2 R2 B D U2 L2 F2 D2 F'
4. (34.62) F R2 F' L2 B L2 F' D2 F D2 R2 U' R D2 R B D R U2 R
5. (49.60) D2 B' D2 F L2 F' U2 L2 D2 B2 L2 U B L R' D2 B' F2 L D

6. DNF(51.83) B' U2 F U2 L2 F L2 R2 B F' R2 U' R' B' D' F' U' R2 B' L' U'

Cube: Guhong V1 with 50k and maru
Method: 3-style

That last solve was my pathetic attempt at rolling it.
The middle three form the 37.72 mo3.
Partially makes up for this.

Feel free to comment on my terrible hair and sloppy turning :/

Also, I'll be happy to reconstruct any of the solves at request.
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