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[Official] 30 final round solves from 2014 Dutch Open- Mats, Antonie, Reinier, David, Joel, Rama

Tony Fisher

Dec 6, 2009
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This is from Sunday 26th October in Voorburg Holland. It shows the top 6 competitors in the Rubik's Cube final.

1. 8.64s - Mats Valk
2. 10.70s - Antonie Paterakis
3. 11.82s - Reinier Schippers
4. 11.90s - David Vos
5. 13.12s - Joël van Noort
6. 13.30s - Rama Temmink

This is a close up of Mats solves including a slow mo of his sub 8 sec where he seemed to drop the cube or misjudged his finish.
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