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[Unofficial] 30.72 Square-1 average of 5 (Help Needed)

Akash Rupela

May 9, 2011
New Delhi, India, India
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This is a video of me solving square-1, i decided to take this event seriously this week onwards. I know i m pausing a lot, apart from that any tips would be appreciated. I want to break into sub25 soon :)

For those interested, this is what i do
I use intuitive cubeshape(David Woner's video)
intuitive CO
i know single-single , opp-opp and adj-adj swap for EO
solve parity with 6 move algorithm before CP / (3,3)/ (1,2) / (4,-2)/ (-4,2 )/ (-1,-2)/ (-3,-3)
full CP
EP=adj-adj, opp-opp,adj-opp, Z perm, H perm, O-opp
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