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[Help Thread] 2x2 Discussion and Help


Oct 27, 2019
An uncolonized sector of the planet Mars
I use a method I adapted from Ortega where you need to learn a few less algs but your solves will be a lot quicker. I have achieved a sub 3.5 ao500 with this method.
1. Solve an adjacent swap on bottom
2. do OLL. After this step you can get one of three PBL cases (R2 F2 R2, R' F R' F2 R U' R, Y perm on bottom
3. Y perm on bottom is a rly bad case but when you get it do R' F R' F2 R U' R Jperm
4. The other two cases are rly fast and can be executed sub 1
That's LBL except instead of solving a layer you solve an adjacent swap

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