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2022 Speedcubing Predictions


Sep 25, 2011
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Post your predictions here and see in a year how accurate they were! 😁

Here are mine:
- 3x3 WR average will be sub5. Both by Tymon and Max Park.
- Matty Hiroto Inaba will get sub4 single in 3x3.
- Sub1 2x2 average by Zayn Khanani.
- Megaminx WR average will drop below 30 seconds.
- 63/65 in MBLD.
- 5.40 SQ-1 average and new WR single as well.
- Tymon will get new WR in his 3rd event.

Eli Apperson

Mar 15, 2021
Las Vegas, NV
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2x2: Sub 1 average and sub .45 single by Zayn
3x3: Sub 4.8 average by Tymon, Max, And Ruihang, and 2 sub 4 world record fail singles.
4x4: Sub 19 Average by Max, 15 single.
5x5: 37 Average by Max, 31 single
6x6: Sub 1 single, 1:10 Avg, both by Max
7x7: Stay the same
Mega: sub 30 avg and 25 single
Pyra: same
Skewb: .91 single and 1.6 avg
Squan: Sub 4 single and 5.3 avg, both by Daniel
Clock: Lolll
3Bld: Tommy breaks the world record single and average 6 more times
4bld: Stanley gets a sub 1 avg and a 54 single
5bld: 2:20 avg and 2:05 single by stanley
63/65 mbld by graham or rowe
Oct 12, 2020
In the park feeding Ducks
Karnaugh. It's David Epstein 🤣

2x2: .91 average by Zayn. Single stays the same (.49) in 2022 but will be broken in '23 by this dude cuberswoop with a .39
3x3: 4.88 tied Ao5 by Tymon and Max, 3.39 single by Luke Garret.
4x4: 19.79 Ao5 and 15.98 by Max Park
5x5: 38.66 Ao5 and 35.11 single by Max Park
6x6: 1:14.45 Mo3 and 1:11.12 single by Max Park
7x7: 1:46.57 Mo3 and 1:40.89 single by Max Park

OH: 7.98 Ao5 and 6.32 single both by Fahmi
Square-1: 5.78 Ao5 by Derpy and 4.21 single by Epstein
Pyraminx: 1.76 Ao5 by Tymon Kolasinski and .91 single by Dominik Gorny
Megaminx: 29.82 Ao5 by Tristan Chua Yong and 25.77 single by some guy named Ethan Davis/Cuberstache
Skewb: 1.81 Ao5 by Carter Kucala and .93 single by Andrew Yang
Clock: 3.11 Ao5 and 2.13 single by some kid from either China, Vietnam, or Hong Kong

BLD: 14.98 Mo3 and 13.66 single by Tommy Cherry
4BLD: 1:00.01 Mo3 and 54.23 single by Stanley
5BLD: 2:27.63 Mo3 and 2:21.62 single by Scalpel

MBLD: 60/62 59:46 by Graham Siggins

FMC: Same
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