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2022 Extra Events Time Standards


May 9, 2022
Georgia, USA
These are Extra Events that are non-wca, but are still sometimes held at WCA competitions and even listed on WCA's competition pages, and are tracked by ExtraEvents.org. Just look at your upcoming comps and look for the Extra Events tab, or go to ExtraEvents.org and click on the Competitions tab and see past and upcoming WCA comps that have these events and what extra events are held there.

If you have X time, you are in the top Y% of all competitors for that event.

Quite a few of the times in this chart are duplicated. That's not really an error. It's just that there are so few results for many of these events (fewer than 10) that the %'s of multiple brackets round off and point to the same result (10 brackets in the chart but fewer than 10 results makes for duplicate times).

This is the same basic format as my WCA Cubing Time Standards here - https://www.speedsolving.com/threads/2022-cubing-time-standards.87175/
I've created similar charts for Cubers.io, Reddit's /r/Cubers online comp, and have posted them in /r/Cubers.
I will be creating the same for SpeedSolving.com's online comp as soon as the database export for it is working again.

extraevents.org  time standards .jpg