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2015 Year-End Rankings Sporcle Quizzes

Evan Liu

Jul 15, 2009
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The results for all competitions this year have been posted, so just like last year, I have created a set of sporcle quizzes which ask you to name the top n in either the single or average rankings of a given event or events. The answers for these will not change even when any 2016 results are posted, as they are meant to reflect the rankings as of the end of this year. I first created a quiz like these on May 8, 2010, but unlike these, it was meant to reflect the "current" rankings, so it required constant updating, and the result statistics were rendered meaningless.

3x3: Single, Average
2x2: Average
3x3 OH: Average
Sum of All Ranks

(Countries are not given for these)
Big Cubes: Single (Top 30), Average (Top 30)
BLD Events: Single (Top 20)
Side Events: Single (Top 30), Average (Top 30)

You can also try out last year's quizzes or the 2010 Year-End 3x3 single rankings if you want to see how much things have changed.