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[Official] 2013 Dutch Open - All 60 final round solves

Jan 4, 2013
A, A
What cube do you use Antonie? Good job btw. ;)
A FORMER Lubix zhanchi lubed with Lubix high and low viscosity from cubesmith ( cubesmith lube is prob my main lube) silicone spray Maru lube and I tried the lube they Gave at the same comp and this lube Giulio gave me but don't remember name( Giulio if u see this plzz tell me I forgot what lube it was that you gave me )

Antonie's stop on the last solve was awesome :p
TY I knew it whas the worst solve I put in an edge flipped and then needed to flip it back:/ so I thought whell why not .
Also I got pretty lucky in finals cuse I heard reinier whas sick that weekend


Dec 24, 2012
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Mats Valk - 6.61 Official Single - 3x3 Finals 2nd Solve - Dutch Open 2013

B F' L' R B' D' U L U2 L2 F2 L' U R2 D'

z2 x // inspection
L' U' R' F D L' // cross
d R' U R2 U' R' // 1st pair
y' y' y U' U' R U' R' U R U R' // 2nd pair
d d R U' R' U R U' R' U R U' R' // 3rd pair
U R' U R U' U' R' U R // 4th pair
U' r U2 R' U' R U' r' // OLL
U' U' // AUF
View at alg.garron.us
[B]Step	Time	QTM	qtps	ETM	etps[/B]
[COLOR="red"]Total	6.61	53	8.02	56	8.47	[/COLOR]	[B][SIZE="4"]%[/SIZE]
							Step		Time	QTM	ETM[/B]
Cross+1	1.84	12	6.52	12	6.52		Cross+1/F2L	35.5%	27.9%	26.1%
F2L	5.18	43	8.30	46	8.88		F2L/Total	78.4%	81.1%	82.1%
LL	1.43	9	6.29	10	6.99		LL/Total	21.6%	17.0%	17.9%
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