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2009 Forum Awards!


The Punchmaster
May 7, 2008
Kansas City, MO, USA
Thread starter #1
So as the decade draws to a close, we thought it would be fun to look back at the best (and worst) 2009 had to offer us. These awards are here to honor (and shame?) some key posters from 2009. The winners will be chosen by you, using a weighted voting system. The voting starts now, and will close sometime in January. Please actually link to posts/threads with examples of why you think a person/post/thread fits a category, don't just mention it. So ya, here are the categories.

EDIT: Here are results.

Best Post (overall) goes to pentrixter for his Review of Main 3x3x3 Cube Models. This was an extremely informative post, with data on many major cube types as well as plenty of pictures and a pretty good analysis. It's too bad it's not completely updated, but even with that it's still a great example of how good a post can be.

Funnniest Post goes to 04mucklowd talking about Petrus. Whether it was meant seriously or not, this post is so wrong it's hilarious. Runner-ups included blade740 on Breandan's species and blade740 clarifying the term "official PB". There were a LOT of other really funny posts, though - too many to mention them all!

Worst Post goes to shoot1510 complaining about getting extra presents... in a topic about a cuber who was diagnosed with cancer. Sorry, but that's just not OK :(

Best Arguing goes to the meta-argument. No single person deserves to win this award - that amazing argument was a collaboration between many people, who each contributed their little bit of awesome.

Worst Arguing goes to imaghost. Here's just a little example of his ridiculous "logic" - read the whole topic for the full dose. The runner-up is krazedkat in the Perception and thoughts about USA thread. Rarely has there ever been so many fail arguments in one place.

Best Response to a Troll goes to qqwref for freeform poetry. A very silly post was transformed into a true work of art. How often does that happen?

Best Use of Facepalm goes to DavidWoner for the 9:47 facepalm video. Might've been a bit of an overkill, though.

Best Use of Memes goes to 4chan. This is just one of many examples. Edward had a pretty great meme use as well.

Worst Abuse of Memes goes to 4chan, of course. There was a time when he was responsible for the vast majority of meme posts in the entire forum.

Best Member (overall) goes to Mike Hughey. Mike is well-known for his amazing BLD skills and accuracy, as well as for his enthusiastic participation in the forum's weekly competitions. Besides that, though, he's always very helpful and supportive to everyone, and I don't think I've ever seen him be mean. He truly deserves this award.

Most Intelligent Member goes to qqwref. He seems to have a very good overall grasp of cubing theory, even inventing a new 3x3x3 speed method, and tends to make long, well-reasoned posts in almost every debate thread. The runner-up is Johannes91, who also seems to have a very good understanding of theory, but hasn't really been active enough to truly prove it.

Meanest Member goes to Stefan Pochmann, who's built an awesome reputation around telling off anyone who has problems with grammar, reasoning, or understanding. He may be right most of the time, but he's definitely a meanie :) Dene is the runner-up - like Pochmann, he was also never afraid to criticize others for their mistakes. An honorable mention must of course go out to 04mucklowd.

Nicest Member goes to Mike Hughey, for always being polite, supportive and helpful. In a difficult decision, he won by a nose over cmhardw, the runner-up, because of just being more active around beginners and people interested in learning BLD.

Most Helpful Member goes to cmhardw, not just for always being willing to help out, but also for many useful and highly informative posts on BLD theory. This was also a tough decision, with the close runner-up being Mike Hughey. Mats Bergsten also deserves mention for all of his hard work running the points system for the Weekly Competition.

Least Helpful Member goes to 04mucklowd's "no one cares" post. I'm not sure it's logically possible to be less helpful than that.

Funniest Member goes to shelley, mostly for her great posts in the comic thread. She was also the author of the wonderful "cube noob squad" comic. The runner-ups are blade740 and DavidWoner, who've both made many very funny posts.

Most Clueless Member goes to cmowla, who seemed to have a lot of trouble understanding how the cubing community works at the beginning. He tried to sell us algs :p The runner-up is shoot1510, who didn't seem to really get how bad his grammar was - and had to make a poll asking the community about it!

Best Moderator goes to shelley. Not only is she funny, but she's also been responsible for some of the best topic title changes in the history of the forum.

Worst Moderator goes to brunson. Sorry to say this, but he's made some really questionable decisions, such as suddenly going crazy in a religion thread, and seeming to believe that everyone involved in sharing copyrighted files visited 4chan. He hasn't made much of an effort to become fast, either (this IS speedsolving, after all), and can sometimes be a jerk. Oh well.

Best Troll goes to Jaysammey777. Look at the threads he's created and you'll see exactly what I mean. The runner-up is some trolling done, not on the community, but by the community on a guy called rubikscuberdude. There was a lot more going on than just that topic, but the topic itself was epic enough to get a second place.

Worst Troll goes to TheMachanga. Don't troll and post in the same thread!

Biggest Postwhore goes to byu. You can't tell now, but at some point he had roughly 80 posts per day. Don't even TRY to beat that.

Most Insane Member goes to Guimond in his many incarnations. He's the guy who posts a random youtube video (and man are they RANDOM), usually accompanied with some crazy rant about him being the first to do BLD. Few people could ever come close to this stuff.

Worst Grammar goes to shoot1510. You'll have to read some of his old posts to see what we mean, but the evidence is all here.

Most Improved Noob goes to ChrisBird. He was once just another youtube noob trying to get more subscriptions, but he's gotten much better and gained a lot of respect since then. More people should follow in his footsteps!

Least Improved Noob goes to shoot1510. He still makes no sense...

Most Worsened Noob goes to ZB FTW!!!. I guess not everyone improves with time. (But without noobs, who would we make fun of?)

Most Deserved Ban goes to Pentrixter, for persistent asshattery.

Most Deserving of a Ban goes to Gurplex. He's made some really weird topics, and I'm not sure whether he's trying to cause chaos or just really weird, but either way he's broken most of the rules of the forum a few times over.

Most Gender-Confused goes to joey. Earlier he had a picture of BeautifullyDecayed as his avatar, and then CharlieCooper had a picture of him... this was quite confusing. Paul Wagner is the runner-up, for this post.

Least Similar Online and RL Personas goes to Dene. He's a pretty nice guy in real life, really!

Best Signature goes to Erik. It said "getting lucky is not a crime...", which was a really great slogan for him, as he held the world record single solve for the 3x3x3 cube throughout all of 2009, and in fact still holds it.

Worst Signature goes to GreenDragon. This infamous signature proclaimed the following to the world: "I don't spell Rubik's Cube like that, I spell it like Rubix's Cube. Deal with it, it's how I roll." Classy.

Best Avatar goes to Stefan Pochmann for his angry face avatar. His old avatar was extremely well-known in the cubing world, and switching to an angry face to reference his mean forum presence was a brilliant move. The runner-up is DavidWoner, for his ever-changing Pokemon avatar.

Worst Avatar goes to Edward. C'mon, first you were a black guy, then a white guy, and now an anime character. Stop changing races, please!

Biggest Fanboy goes to IamWEB. This was a pretty obvious one, as he's shown his fanboyism many times on the forum.

Best Thread Title goes to I lack the reading comprehension to understand WCA regulations. Sure, this topic title was edited by a mod, but it's still the best one I've ever seen.

Worst Thread Title goes to 20 turns suffice for 3x3x3! - because it wasn't that, but rather a Surprise Challenge by Chris Hardwick! Very sneaky Chris, and a great prank, but this is a perfect example of what not to do with your thread titles :)

Best Thread goes to MONKEYDUDE1313 IS QUITTING?????. A lot of great stuff went on in that thread, such as some hilarious fanboyism, a computer-generated complaint letter, and the meta-argument mentioned earlier. Just because a thread starts out bad doesn't mean it has to end up that way. The runner-ups are Rude people (which WAS a joke, if you're not sure) and [email protected]'s hilarious topic about solving the cube with his pants.

Worst Thread goes to Cubing Word Association, i.e. the thread that just wouldn't die. Even after being closed, it's still the off-topic thread with the second most replies and views. The extremely low post content and quality in this thread was one of the deciding factors that made Off-Topic posts not count towards postcount. Good job, guys!

Best Quote Tree goes to the one in the Belleview Open thread. just a suggestion

Finally, Dumbest Post of the Year goes to Paul Wagner for telling someone "good luck" on a negative time BLD attempt... two days after they'd done it! As Stefan correctly pointed out, that couldn't be beaten. There were too many dumb posts to list any runner-ups, but I'm sure if you've been around long enough you'll have your own private collection :)

Well, that's it! I hope you all enjoyed 2009, and here's to the next year being even better!
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Premium Member
Dec 5, 2007
Dene wins everything plz.

But on a more serious note, I must bring my attention to this post (NOTE: I am not nominating Mr. Pochmann for dumbest post).
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Jul 31, 2007
Munich, Germany
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Mar 2, 2009
Few ideas:

Why don't you make a subforum for "forum awards 2009" And seperate threads for every category.. So people just open the thread and nominate a people. First week or so people say doifferent names for nominations.. and then moderator/administrator make a poll to the same thread with those name who were nonimated.. and honest POLL would save the world.


Under offtopic: 2009 Forum Awards!
and there are all the threads about:
Best Post (overall)

Funniest Post

Worst Post

Best Arguing

Worst Arguing

I think it's better.


Former Clock NR Holder
Apr 24, 2008
Melbourne, Australia
Best Post ?
Funniest Post: ?
Worst Post: http://www.speedsolving.com/forum/showthread.php?p=121033#post121033 - ya lol
Best Arguing: Dene - Dene wins
Worst Arguing: Edward - Edward faiols
Best Response to a Troll: The one "believe it or not, you can read the forums without actually posting" directed at Edward
Best Use of Facepalm: ?
Best Use of Memes: Escher - ya
Worst Abuse of Memes: Cubes=life (4chan now) - yeah overuse chris :p
Best Member: Mike Hughey? - Idk lol
Most Intelligent Member: qqwref?
Meanest Member: ?
Nicest Member: AvGalen - "Mr Nice guy"
Most Helpful Member: Chris Hardwick
Least Helpful Member: ?
Funniest Member: ?
Most Clueless Member: Jaysammey777 - HAU TO SOLVE A 4X4 FASTA V.2
Best Moderator: ofc woner - he just is
Worst Moderator: ?
Best Troll: Rubiks Exer (Parity) - pretty noob
Worst Troll: Elcarc - orelay
Biggest Postwhore: Byu
Most Insane Member: Guimond - (Themancube)
Worst Grammar: elcarc - ya the old edward
Most Improved Noob: ChrisBird (monkeydude1313) - this
Least Improved Noob: Edward - Yeah...
Most Worsened Noob: ZB FTW!! - wut a nub
Most Deserved Ban: elcarc - ya
Most Deserving of a Ban: Owen :p - very annoying threads
Most Gender-Confused: Denay - obvious
Least Similar Online and RL Personas: I've been told StefanPochmann
Best Signature: ?
Worst Signature: ?
Best Avatar: DavidWoner - pokemon
Worst Avatar: Pokemon copiers (ZB FTW)
Biggest Fanboy: ?
Best Thread Title: Speedcubing in Melbourne :D :D
Worst Thread Title: Cuding hep - Lol nub title faiol

Will edit moar later.
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Apr 18, 2009
San Diego, California
Dumbest Post: This was in the Rowe vs. Faz thread when people were making up stupid sn's and someone didn't get the joke when it was quite obvious. It went something like this:

--That doesn't compare to what xtremecuber35 did.

--Or xcubes4eva777x

--How can you guys forget cubemasta86? I'll never forgive him for what he did.
plztell all these stories, or summarise them. I can't get into IRC cos it says I haven't downloaded java, BUT I HAVE LIKE 3 TIMES!!

EDIT: oic fake
Jul 31, 2007
Munich, Germany
I want to nominate this post of mine for best response to a troll. Yay, freeform poetry.

aaand +1

Dumbest Post:[...]
plztell all these stories, or summarise them. I can't get into IRC cos it says I haven't downloaded java, BUT I HAVE LIKE 3 TIMES!!

EDIT: oic fake
guess what, +1 :D
Nov 22, 2008
Right Here
Jul 12, 2009
Waterloo, Ontario
Worst Abuse of Memes - daniel0731ex
Nicest Member - cmhardw
Most Helpful Member - cmhardw
Funniest Member - Gurplex2
Best Moderator - DavidWoner
Biggest Postwhore - Edward
Best Avatar - DavidWoner
Biggest Fanboy (doesn't matter whom they are a fan of) - JunwenYao
Worst Thread - http://www.speedsolving.com/forum/showthread.php?t=16936
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