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2-7 relay practice / 2-7 relay thread

rusty cuber

Apr 22, 2018
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so i'm getting a new 6x6 and 4x4 in a week and i was curious about 2x2-7x7 relays and trying them out, is there any "optimal" layout for solving? like any particular order to solve your puzzles in?


Dec 24, 2015
If you're grinding attempts to get good singles, it makes sense to get the higher-variance solves out of the way first (which is to say, do the cubes in descending order; abort attempts early if you get bad solves on any of the big cubes *).

If you're just trying to get better average times, prioritise the ones where inspection time makes more of a difference. You get to make use of the last layer of 5/6/7 to look ahead to the other big cubes, so you should be doing 2/3/4 first.

* And of course, you'll have to scramble all of the cubes if you do this, not just the ones you started solving. No cheating in relays!