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2 3x3s, Moyu Pyra, Little Magic Squan, and more!

Feb 21, 2019
Bamboo Cuber
Thread starter #1
Selling the following cubes:

- Gan 356 Air Ultimate: 29$ (In "Perfect" condition, only thing is a chipped sticker and some staining from Lubicle Black [no effect on performance]), Black: stickered
- Unknown 2x2: 7$ (In "Used" condition, minor wear, has pink instead of red, really fast and stable), stickerless (no logo)
- Little Magic Square 1 (NOT MAGNETIC): 5$ (In "Used" condition, some grooves on the inside, has derpy's mod (watch his vid on the cube), one major scratch on the outside), stickerless (no logo)
- Discontinued Angstrom Dayan-Coated GTS2M: 90$ (In "Used" condition, outside is a bit scuffed up, red center cap really scuffed [has remains of old logo], inside stained from lubicle black [no effect on performance]), stickerless NOTE: will come with original packaging
- Magnetic Moyu Pyraminx: 14$ (In "Perfect" condition, has no notable things about it), Black: stickered (has logo)

All will have free shipping if over 15$ and comes with cleanout and lubing service. (Can use the following lubes: Mystic, Angstrom X and V, Dignitas, and Gravitas) All of these prices are negotiable, and if you are interested DM me. (I can't upload photos so DM me for photos)

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