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17,56 3x3 average of 5


Mar 21, 2019
somewhere on the complex plane.
Nice average! I learned how to solve a 3x3 in January 2018, and i got ~25 average with cfop after about a year, and now after two months of roux i average ~25. it also might not just be some learn faster, some people might just practice more.=P
Feb 23, 2019
The FitnessGram Pacer Test is a multi stage...
I find this pretty funny lol (one is actually not definitively better than the other)

As for your average, that's really fast improvement! I'm about your speed (I'm like ~18) but been cubing for like 15 months instead of ONLY 5!
I know that about the methods- I just try to get on peoples nerves sometimes and stick it in their faces cause, well, y’know, I like roux and a lot of people don’t use it.