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[Unofficial] 1.76 2x2 average of 12 with stackmat


Jul 13, 2010
Melbourne, Australia
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(1.08), 1.83, 1.72, 1.52, (2.59), 1.44, 1.56, 2.22, 1.55, 1.94, 2.25, 1.61 = 1.76

I used timed inspection so the solves should all be legit.

After barely improving for the last half year, and not beating this PB for ages, it's an amazing feeling to finally beat this PB. Only beats my old one by 0.03, but it's still a great accomplishment. I have a competition in less than a week so I'm hoping I do well. :D

Cube: WitTwo
Method: Full EG (except the few algorithms I've forgotten. :p)

1. 1.08 F' R' U2 R' U2 F2 U2 R' U2 R' U'
2. 1.83 R' U F' R2 F U F2 U F2 R2 U'
3. 1.72 U F2 U R2 U' F U R U F' U'
4. 1.52 U2 R2 U F2 U' F U R' U R' U'
5. 2.59 U' R' F2 R U2 F' U' R2 U' R' U'
6. 1.44 U2 R' U2 F' R U F2 R' U' R2 U'
7. 1.56 U2 R' U R2 U' R' F2 U' F' R' U'
8. 2.22 U2 F2 U F' U' F R2 F U2 R' U'
9. 1.55 U2 F' U' F R' U R' U F2 R' U'
10. 1.94 U2 R' F R' U2 R' U2 R2 F' R2 U'
11. 2.25 F2 R2 F' U F R' U F' U R' U'
12. 1.61 R' U' F R2 F R2 F' R U' F2 U'
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