1. scorpion24

    [Official] 5x5 solve in 1:58.663 - Alonso Sanchez

    5x5 official solve of 1:58.663, from the TCG & Friends competition (and got a 2:01.92 average) :). I felt very nervous, as this was my first competition solve ever. Still got a great solve (I also got a 1:55 solve, but didn't get to record well).
  2. Gabriel Dechichi

    [Unofficial] Rubiks 5x5 solve in 1:14.06

    I'm back at speedcubing practicing, and started at 5x5 practicing I'd be glad to receive any tips xD
  3. RCTACameron

    [Unofficial] 1.71 2x2 average of 5

    1.63, (1.52), (2.78), 1.81, 1.68 = 1.71 PB before this was 1.91, these were really easy scrambles. Cube: LanLan lubed with silicone Method: Full CLL and EG-1, with anti-CLL.
  4. RCTACameron

    [Unofficial] 1.93 2x2 average of 5 (stackmat)

    (1.30), 1.93, (3.15), 1.43, 2.44 = 1.93 :D Part of a 2.51 average of 12 (0.01 away from PB). Solution for the 1.30 was R2 F R U R U2 R'. Really fast EG-1 with cancellations. Using Full CLL and EG-1 with antiCLL, cube is a lanlan.