Hey [username],
Just a few quick updates before the weekend. 

1) We got a lot of useful feedback from our last email on ways to improve the community. If you notice any issues with the site, or have any recommendations, we're always interested in improving. Simply hit reply to this email and let us know.

2) TheCubicle.us is having a Black Friday sale right now, from November 24-29th. Get 10% OFF on their entire selection of speedcubing gear and accessories, as well as additional discounts up to 60% off on select items. They will also be giving away free puzzle stickers and lubricant with qualifying orders, plus more! Check out their sale here: https://goo.gl/kiI1Ct

3) As usual, there have been many records broken recently. Here are a few of them worth checking out:
- Mats Valk 4.74 sec 3x3 single World Record https://goo.gl/7FWV0P
- Kaijun Lin 18.50 sec & 24.38 sec avg 3BLD World Records https://goo.gl/xubXIY
- Kaijun Lin 4BLD 2:02.49 and 5BLD 4:46.74 World Records https://goo.gl/7aS3Kc
- Felikz Zemdegs 41.27 sec 5x5 single World Record https://goo.gl/qlxsfr
- Juan Pablo Huanqui 34.40 sec Megaminx World Record https://goo.gl/iby2sI

You can find all WCA official results & competitions here: https://goo.gl/fwlC0u

4) Compete in our weekly forum competitions - it's a good way to practice and compare with others in our community. https://goo.gl/Sbpcek

5) The forum server has been upgraded - hopefully providing you a better experience. Please let us know if you experience anything abnormal.

6) As mentioned in the last email, if you have any photos from your competitions, we added a Media section to speedsolving.com. Please share your pictures from competitions around the world, and browse others. It is a nice resource for the entire community to share - https://goo.gl/HnrhVy

That's it for now. You can find all the new posts in community with this simply link here: https://goo.gl/wJRMGd

For those in the USA, happy thanksgiving.

Thanks for your time and happy solving!


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