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November 2008 Newsletter

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Another month has gone by at Speedsolving.com. The year will soon be over. This newsletter contains some general speedsolving updates and happenings.

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November, 2008

WCA Competition Results
November 1:
What: Austin Open 2008
Where: Austin, Texas, USA
Results: Danny Han won the Austin Open 2008 with an average of 17.77 seconds. Radly Peralta finished second (19.99) and Anthony Searle finished third (20.19).

What: Toronto Open Fall 2008
Where: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Results: Harris Chan won the Toronto Open Fall 2008 with an average of 11.92 seconds. Eric Limeback finished second (14.27) and Doowon Joo finished third (14.75).

November 2:
What: Beijing Fall Open 2008
Where: Beijing, China
Results: Timothy Sun won the Beijing Fall Open 2008 with an average of 14.30 seconds. Shenjia Zhang finished second (14.49) and Fubo Wang finished third (15.67).

November 8:
What: Geneva Open 2008
Where: Geneva, Switzerland
Results: Edouard Chambon won the Geneva Open 2008 with an average of 12.93 seconds. Erik Akkersdijk finished second (13.25) and Alejandro Aguado Barahona finished third (15.55).

What: Lexington Fall Open 2008
Where: Lexington, Kentucky, USA
Results: Phil Thomas won the Lexington Fall Open 2008 with an average of 13.67 seconds. Jim Mertens finished second (15.25) and Dylan Howell finished third (21.69).

What: Newark Open 2008
Where: Newark, New Jersey, USA
Results: Rowe Hessler won the Newark Open 2008 with an average of 13.34 seconds. Patrick Jameson finished second (14.25) and Jason Baum finished third (14.59)

What: UK Open 2008
Where: Manchester, United Kingdom
Results: Breandan Vallance won the UK Open 2008 with an average of 13.97 seconds. Ron van Bruchem finished second (14.67) and Joey Gouly finished third (15.62).

November 15:
What: Drexel Fall 2008
Where: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Results: Alexander Yu won the Drexel Fall 2008 with an average of 15.12 seconds. John Tamanas finished second (15.84) and Erik Johnson finished third (15.93).

What: Berkeley Fall 2008
Where: Berkeley, California, USA
Results: Andy Tsao won the Berkeley Fall 2008 with an average of 11.42 seconds. Leyan Lo finished second (13.69) and Dan Dzoan finished third (14.39).

What: Iligan Open 2008
Where: Iligan City, Philippines
Results: JB Cañares won the Iligan Open 2008 with an average of 13.60 seconds. Justin Cañares finished second (16.98) and John Cañares finished third (17.16).

What: Netherlands 2008
Where: Zwolle, Netherlands
Results: Erik Akkersdijk won the Dutch Nationals 2008 with an average of 12.46 seconds. Joël van Noort finished second (13.75) and Rama Temmink finished third (14.35).

November 22:
What: Westchester Fall 2008
Where: Valhalla, New York, USA
Results: Dan Cohen won the Westchester Fall 2008 with an average of 13.80 seconds. John Tamanas finished second (15.03) and Erik Johnson finished third (15.11).

What: Caltech Fall 2008
Where: Pasadena, California, USA
Results: Dan Dzoan won the Caltech Fall 2008 with an average of 13.08 seconds. Lucas Garron finished second (13.54) and Leyan Lo finished third (14.88).

November 29:
What: Portugal Open 2008
Where: Lisbon, Portugal
Results: Víctor Torrecilla Chicote won the Portugal Open 2008 with an average of 16.45 seconds. Manuel López Sheriff finished second (16.56) and Alejandro Aguado Barahona finished third (16.89).

What: The Hague Open 2008
Where: The Hague, Netherlands
Results: Mats Valk won the The Hague Open 2008 with an average of 12.26 seconds. Rama Temmink finished second (14.65) and Ron van Bruchem finished third (14.68).

What: Virginia Open 2008
Where: Williamsburg, Virginia, USA
Results: Rowe Hessler won the Virginia Open 2008 with an average of 12.75 seconds. Jason Baum finished second (12.81) and Mitchell Stern finished third (12.93).

To find all WCA recognized competitions (upcoming and past), please visit this page: http://www.worldcubeassociation.org/results/competitions.php.

You can also find all the latest speedcubing news at Speedcubing.com.

Thank you to all the members who have made Speedsolving.com what it is today.

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