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March, 2012 Newsletter

General Speedsolving Updates

March will be over before we know it, and 2012 is already a quarter of the way over. Are you making progress on your 2012 goals? This March marks the 6 year anniversary of Speedsolving.com. 6 years later, we are nearing 700,000 posts. It is pretty amazing seeing the growth of the community and we hope it only grows and becomes better over the coming years. We hope you continue to enjoy it here, and are always looking for ways to improve (Have something to suggest? Post it here!).

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Speedsolving.com Puzzle Shop

This month we've revamped the shop interface. We are always working to improve and expand, and this was a step toward this. We have an entire team dedicated to managing your orders and shipping products while offering some of the best prices online. We are growing every month, and look forward to providing a vast array of puzzles to everyone, worldwide. Checkout our latest products at our shop (shop.speedsolving.com)

You can see our entire catalog and more information on each item at our shop here. Orders are processed during all business days (Monday-Friday) and are processed within 24 hours. If you have any questions, comments, requests, or suggestions, please visit our Speedsolving.com Puzzle Shop thread here. We appreciate your business, and are always looking for suggestions to improve our service.

Latest WCA Results, News, and Upcoming Competitions

You can click here to see the WCA Results and Competitions feed. You can find full results, rankings, upcoming and past competitions, and more at the World Cube Association. There are a growing number of competitions being organized all over the world. Get involved with them, meet other cubers, and have a great time. There is no excuse for not going to a competition!

Thank you to all the members who have made Speedsolving.com what it is today.

Speedsolving.com Administration

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