Updates from Speedsolving.com - June, 2015!
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June, 2015 - Newsletter
2015 marks 9 years since SpeedSolving.com was created, and since over 27,000 people have posted over 1,030,000 times. It's quite amazing to see how far this community has come, and we're excited to see where cubing is heading in the future. This newsletter provides a few updates to the community and changes we've made to the site over the past couple months.

Site Updates
- Issue with Tapatalk has been resolved. If you enjoy browsing on your mobile device, consider using Tapatalk, or alternatively use our mobile site by pointing your browser to m.speedsolving.com.
- The Wiki is now mobile optimized, so when you view it on your mobile it will be a better browsing experience.
- The AlgDB has been updated and now works with our current wiki version.
- Our new puzzle shop has launched - speedpuzzles.com. If you haven't ordered from us before, give us a try. Use coupon JUNES10 at checkout to get 10% OFF now - expires June 26, 2015.

Community Updates
- The WCA Regulations have been updated, and will go into effect July 1, 2015. Take a look at the announcement here.
- The World Rubik's Cube Championship with take place July 17-19 in São Paulo, Brazil. See more information here.
- There have been a few world records broken recently, including 3x3 BLD avg, 6x6 single. Checkout the WR/NR video forum here for more videos.

Responding to Spam
Please only reply to a speedsolving question/concern if you have something of value to add. Don't reply to spam posts. If you notice a post that you think is inappropriate, please use the "Report" button below that post and one of the moderators will take care of it.

Read the Rules
Please read the rules if you haven't done so (click here to read them). These rules are being enforced on the forum, so make sure you're aware of them.

Speedsolving.com Premium Membership
Premium members get various extra features and at the same time support Speedsolving.com to help it grow. More information about becoming a premium member can be found here.

Contribute to the Speedsolving.com Wiki
There is a speedsolving wiki here. Don't know what it is? Check out the about page here. Feel free to contribute and help grow the already large amount of information there.

Compete in the Forum Competitions
Interested in competing online at home with other Speedsolving.com members? Visit the Competition Area for weekly and monthly scrambles and compare your times with other members.

If you haven't yet seen the interviews section, be sure to check it out here. Every couple months we interview a puzzle solver in order to give people more insight into their hobby of speedsolving.

Donate to Speedsolving.com
Speedsolving.com relies on advertisements and donations to keep the site running and cover the costs related to maintenance and server expenses. Please consider donating to support speedsolving.com.

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