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December 2008 Newsletter

Hey, $username,

Another year has gone by at Speedsolving.com. This newsletter contains some general speedsolving updates and happenings throughout the year of 2008.

Year in Summary
Coming into 2008, we had just under 860 members, and 27,000 topics. By the end of 2008, we had over 3,200, and nearly 120,000 topics. Along with the growth, we moved to a new server. You can see some of Speedsolving.com's stats here.

The WCA also saw amazing growth in 2008, going from 53 official competitions in 2007, to 106 in 2008. Expect 2009 to be even bigger, and we hope that Speedsolving.com can contribute to connecting cubers from around the world.

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Having something to say about upcoming WCA regulations? Firstly, check out this announcement thread.

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December, 2008

WCA Competition Results
December 6:
What: Swedish Cube Day 2008
Where: Sweden, Kungsängen
Results: Gunnar Krig won the Swedish Cube Day competition 2008 with an average of 14.62 seconds. Johan Holmedahl finished second (16.19) and Henrik Buus Aagaard finished third (17.11).
World records: Ville Seppänen Rubik's Cube blindfolded 48.05, 4x4 blindfolded 6:05.21.

December 7:
What: Carnegie Mellon Fall 2008
Where: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Results: Jason Baum won the Carnegie Mellon Fall 2008 with an average of 13.70 seconds. Dan Cohen finished second (15.71) and Adam Zamora finished third (17.97).

December 13:
What: Indiana Winter Open 2008
Where: Bloomington, Indiana, USA
Results: Isaac Wappes won the Indiana Winter Open 2008 with an average of 14.06 seconds. Phil Thomas finished second (14.82) and Jim Mertens finished third (15.46).

December 14:
What: Nanjing Open 2008
Where: China, Nanjing
Results: Shenjia Zhang won the Nanjing Open 2008 with an average of 13.86 seconds. Timothy Sun finished second (14.42) and Shuang Chen finished third (15.28).

December 19-20:
What: Spanish Championship 2008
Where: Spain, La Coruña
Results: Alejandro Aguado Barahona won the Spanish Championship 2008 with an average of 15.21 seconds. Ignacio Soto Bustos finished second (16.44) and Alejandro Riveiro Rodríguez finished third (17.03).

December 20:
What: Discovery Science Anniversary 2008
Where: Santa Ana, California, USA
Results: Kim Jun-Hyuk won the Discovery Science Center 10th Anniversary 2008 with an average of 14.07 seconds. Lennon Grinta finished second (15.01) and Lucas Garron finished third (15.33).

What: Clermont Open 2008
Where: France, Clermont-Ferrand
Results: Edouard Chambon won the Clermont Open 2008 with an average of 12.59 seconds. Kanneti Sae Han finished second (17.24) and Clément Gallet finished third (17.41).

What: Kanazawa Open 2008
Where: Japan, Kanazawa
Results: Sinpei Araki won the Kanazawa Open 2008 with an average of 14.55 seconds. Toshiya Hirohata finished second (16.20) and Daiki Matsumoto finished third (16.52).
World records: Kazuhito Iimura Square-1 16.62 (average), Yohei Oka Pyraminx 4.15 (average).
Asian records: Yohei Oka Pyraminx 3.21 (single).

What: Mexican Open 2008
Where: Mexico, Toluca
Results: Jorge Alberto Zúñiga Hernández won the Mexican Open 2008 with an average of 17.22 seconds. David Ricardo Ramón González finished second (17.92) and Uriel Gayosso Ruiz finished third (19.34).
North American records: Vicente Albíter Alpízar 2x2 1.55 (single).

To find all WCA recognized competitions (upcoming and past), please visit this page: http://www.worldcubeassociation.org/results/competitions.php.

You can also find all the latest speedcubing news at Speedcubing.com.

Thank you to all the members who have made Speedsolving.com what it is today. Expect 2009 to be even bigger and better than 2008, happy new year!

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