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    DIY Cube --- problems... how to address?

    It's just silicone oil. It's probably better for a cube than the spray variety, because it doesn't have the petroleum based stuff the sprays need to.. spray. Wee. -Zigosity
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    Your main cube...

    White Type D with new Type A core. It's pretty damn good IMO.
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    Selfmade stackmat display

    Hehe, that's pretty sweet. Post a schematic and source for the controllers, and I'll be building myself one of those for sure 8).
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    Jigaloo complaint #90348573498271

    It puts little white splotches on mine, but whatever. Too late to fix that now =P.
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    What was the hardest barrier for you?

    I'm stuck on the sub-30 barrier right now, too... I've got a couple really nice sub-30 avgs of 5, but nothing in the 12+solve range. Past like 10 solves my average tends to hover around 33.xx I don't know all my PLLs, though, I'm still using 4LLL. 7/21 : [. I'm sure if I learned them all and...
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    The TRUTH about Jig-A-Loo

    Well, yeah, I assumed that was the case =P. I just don't like the whole softening thing, it makes me nervous >_>. Ignoring that, I've been pretty satisfied, too. It made my Type D = amazing. : D. And as for the lasting bit, well, I don't have anything to compare it to, so maybe alternatives...
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    The TRUTH about Jig-A-Loo

    I love Quebec, they don't card you for ANYTHING unless you're obviously under 12. Including bars. Well, I exaggerate. But still, we don't get carded for stuff like lubricant or lighters\fluid o_O.
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    The TRUTH about Jig-A-Loo

    Well, I've been using Jig-A-Loo for my entire cubing 'career' (No normal silicone sprays in canada, as far as I know.) I -always- fully dissasemble my cube before lubing it, I wouldn't just spray it in a corner. This is why: For the first 4-5 minutes after spraying, jigaloo makes the cubies...
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    wd- 40

    If you're worried, just take the cube apart and clean all the cubies. It'll get rid of anything that might be on there, so you won't have to stress about anything eating your cube. : ).
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    Corner Caps?

    I used my type A for about 5 months before realizing what those little pieces of plastic were for. I didn't really notice a big difference between the two setups, besides that it was a touch heavier with the plastic caps in. -Zigo
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    Craaazy. Nice one Erik.
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    Leather and Nickel Cube by FAO Scharwz

    It's pretty cool for only 19.99, but anything over 30$ wouldn't be worth it. And it says it's 3 inches square on the website, which is actually bigger than a normal cube.
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    Centre caps glued themselves

    Exacto blade = your friend, I'm afraid. And your avatar is strangely fitting, too. =P.
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    [Unofficial] Brian Loftus OH 15.28

    He does look a little like Geddy. He needs a bigger nose, though.
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    What type of lubricant do you normally use?

    I use Jigaloo purely out of necessity- I live in Canada and can't get any CRC here. I'm actually planning to drive over the border sometime soon JUST to get my hands on some proper silicone, because the Jigaloo I'm using is really screwing with the plastic in my cube. I'm actually kinda scared...