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    Anyone still use V-Cubes anymore?

    I don't have any but I've tried my friends vcube 3. It was pillowed and quite good except zero corner cutting (because it's pillowed). I do think they have a bad reputation for no reason tho, they're not as bad as rubiks
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    Budget High-end 4x4 comparison

    The mf4 doesn't pop but it doesn't cut corners at all and it's noisy and slow
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    [Member Intro] Hello, cubers!

    Welcome to the community
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    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    The valk power m. It's my main and I really like it.
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    What tutorial did you use to learn CFOP?

    I think mainly ruwix for the last layer
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    What tutorial did you use to learn CFOP?

    I used j perm for f2l and a selection of different websites for oll and pll
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    Budget High-end 3x3 comparison

    Valk power m
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    Budget High-end 3x3 comparison

    I have the little magic non magnetic and its my OH main and was my main for a few months at the start (before i knew if i liked cubing)
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    Best Pyraminx comparison

    The bell has strong magnets but thats fine by me. Super satisfying to turn and corner cutting amazing for a pyra. I have tried the Moyu but I didn't like it as much. Could have been the setup tho (it was someone elses)
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    Budget High-end 4x4 comparison

    What ever you do do NOT get the cubing classroom 4x4. It turns like garbage. Only get it if you wish to lose your faith in cubing manufacturers.
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    Cubers from Great Britain?

    Hello, if you live in the UK you can talk here. What comps are on? Where? Stuff like that.
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    Accomplishment Thread

    Which event?
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    Accomplishment Thread

    I've not been cubing for very long (about 9 months) so recently learning full PLL was a satisfying achievement. Next step is to even them out ( g perms take about 5secs and T perms take 2)
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    One-Answer WCA Competition and Regulations Question Thread

    You could just get used to cubing in a noisy environment. For BLD events it's silent anyway. If need be you could get some ear protecters like builders sometimes where, but you might get funny looks