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    [Unofficial] this guy'z krazy...(maru mini)

    hahaah wut.. so small o.o
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    [Unofficial] blah's PLL Time Attack: 32.68

    I hear Miley Cyrus in the background. FAIL. But awesome PLL attack :rolleyes:
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    Accomplishment Thread

    ty, that's the plan! :o Haha, bring it on! I'm always trying to improve. I need to finish learning OLL's now, my sig hasn't been updated, and I don't even really know how many I know now but I haven't learned a new one in 2 weeks or so :fp Is it lonely up on your high horse? :p Thanks, sub...
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    How to properly clean/bathe your cube

    I don't think you needed to make a video for this, kinda obvious. I've already done this personally several times with several cubes. Oh well, maybe some people aren't creative enough to use a sink and toothbrush :p
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    [Unofficial] The greatest POP ever done.

    LMFAO Love the reaction
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    What algorithm do you use for this F2L pair?

    R U' R' U (y') R' U2 R U2 R' U R Not the best alg but I like it Edit: Mine is the same as Escher's just with a cube rotation instead of a d move :/
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    Accomplishment Thread

    YAY SUB 20!!! (Yes I'm aware there's an accomplishment thread) BUT THIS IS SUB 20 AND IM EXCITED WOOOO ^_^ Statistics for 10-23-2009 22:15:53 Cubes Solved: 12/12 Number of Pops: 0 Average: 19.87 Standard Deviation: 2.48 Best Time: 15.50 Worst Time: 24.30 Individual Times: 1. 20.59 L' D' F D2...
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    Rubik' DIY kit

    I use toilet paper. They never fall off.
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    Potential Way to Reduce Popping for Rubik's Diy

    This may seem a bit weird, but I assure you it works extremely well. I took toilet paper, put it over the hole where the cap goes, pushed the cap in, and ripped off all the excess. The caps haven't popped out ever since :)
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    [Unofficial] Yu Nakajima Gigaminx in 15:33.32

    How does his turn so well!!!!
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    [Unofficial] Stachu Korick - Average of 12 on 3x3

    You better speed up man! I'm catching up! I had a 15.61 and 16.09 yesterday, 18.21 RA5, and 20.85 of 12 :p The thing I found that sped me up the most is not doing as many cube rotations, and I notice you do quite a few of them (on F2L I'm saying)
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    [Unofficial] 11.69(+2) Solve by a 25second averaging speedcuber(Nice Scramble)

    Considering there was no reaction to this... I'm saying it was fake. I average 20-22 seconds and I FLIPPED out when I got 15.xx so.. yea. Fake.
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    [Unofficial] 9.78 nonlucky 3x3 single - David Woner

    I like the towel lol, my hands always get all slippery when I cube, good idea!
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    [Unofficial] Megaminx almost sub1 (best reaction ever!)

    What was with the first 1:32.. :/