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  • I've spent a lot of time playing with my different cubes and I'm confident that I can differentiate between a good cube and a bad one despite the fact that some will say I don't know what I'm talking about because I'm slow.

    To take it even further; I would wager that I can tell you which of my 3x3x3s I'm playing with blindfolded. And I have at least 30 3x3x3s. If you're interested in hardware and you appreciate the different traits of cubes then speed is not important.

    Sure, I can't dictate which cube a 10sec solver would be better off buying because I'm not on that level. But hey, the way a cube feels and performs at 30secs will not make that performance any better the faster you get. Probably worse.

    If you're interested in something else than DaYan then consider the following cubes:

    Alpha AV and AV-f
    Mufang Fusion
    mf8 Legend (get prepared to be intimidated though)

    Just don't expect too much from the above and you'll be fine.
    I'm not too fond of the CC because it's slugish and it locks up a lot. The best Alpha cubes that I have are my AV-f and the regular AV. The regular AV is easier to mod, so if you don't like it initially, you can do one of the many mods to make it better. You're not into DaYan cubes though?

    Yeah, the AV-f is an excellent cube, but anything DaYan is better. If you're in the market for a new 3x3x3, then get a ZhanChi or a LingYun II. I can't recommend the AV-f because you'll either love it or hate it. That can't be said about the two DaYan cubes I just mentioned, They're both very close to perfection.

    Good luck finding your 3x3x3 soul mate ;)


    Yeah it was like that when I got my Guhong and again when I got my ZhanChi I didn't think it was possible for anything to be better than a Guhong and I got my hands on a ZhanChi and was like 0.o. The tensionish was off when I got mine as well it was a pretty easy fix though, came close to how I like it. Again, Super glad I could help and that your so happy with it.
    You really can't mess it up, other than putting the screw in sideways which is difficult with the new cores anyway. you just unscrew it, flip over the spring then put the screw back in at the same tension.
    You'tr very welcome and i'm glad you like it and that it didn't get lost and that I now know I did the adress right =]
    Jianhan Choong
    47, Jalan 21/1,
    SEA Park,
    Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E..

    Remember to wrap/hide the money carefully, people steal. I know lots of incidents like that :)
    I'm sorry I took so long, I was stuck indoors. Anyway, I checked and it should total up to RM35. You send first please.
    Sure it's safe? I can send no problem, but if it gets lost in the mail, you're responsible to send it again :( Just wrap it in between newspapers or something. So RM30 couple bucks of shipping, I'll check for you tomorrow. Fine?
    Oh good. You want an F-II? It's in very good condition with authentic Cubesmith stickers on. RM30. I'm open to negotiations. I live in Petaling Jaya btw :)
    I need your name for shipping of a the cube sorry I slacked on it. It fell to the wayside as I got a little busy assignments were moved for school before break.
    The ratio of that situation is so low. Please don't worry so much. If there is a tracking number, that will reduce your worry.After your package has been sent , you will receive an email. In appropriate time, you will receive a letter that inquiry you whether you have received your package or not. If you really don't receive your package, Customer service workers know how to do handle it. Please take it easy. Thanks. If there is any question about shipping time, you can ask our professional customer service workers in the first page of our website. They know more about shipping time to different countries. If you want to know more, you can ask me too.
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