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    MoYu 15x15x15

    I still can't afford to buy the SS 10x10. I know some people who still can't buy the AoSu!! Its going to be a limited sale, for sure, however great that we have the option. And to the guy complaining that it's pillowed, really try to imagine how hard it would be to grip a cubic 15x15. It's...
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    [Help Thread] Is my cube / puzzle a dud?

    To the guy with AoSu inner layer problems: Sounds to me like a tension issue. You just need to tweak your tensions around until you find a way to fix the issue. There's most likely nothing wrong with the cube. I call mine The Lord. That's how good it is.
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    Hey everybody! I'm Tanmay, currently averaging 25secs

    You really don't need to do either of those mods. 48 point edge mod is worthless, in my opinion, and there's just no need to Florian mod a ZhanChi.
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    [Help Thread] Finger Tricks Discussion and Help

    It depends on the alg you're performing. Sometimes, I use my ring finger, or sometimes I use my index finger, like I'm doing a U. And how do people even still know about Badmephisto's videos? He has some good ones, but a lot of his material is becoming really outdated.
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    The new puzzles of MOYU(魔域)

    I wish they wouldn't pillowfy their big cubes.
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    [WR] Rami Sbahi 1.69 2x2 average

    He started in April 2008.
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    Fake / Counterfeit DaYan Zhanchi from Amazon?

    To let you know, if you ordered just a regular 57mm ZhanChi, it won't feel like your old 55mm one because they have different feels due to differences in the plastic. The 55mm is smoother than the regular sized ones, however, it still should've had torpedoes. Recently, the 57mm's have changed...
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    55mm Zhanchi Theory

    The 55mm aren't the same plastic as the very first originals, however, it is similar to the plastic of the 2nd original, which was released the same month as the first. It is the same plastic used for the 2x2 and Megaminx, as well as the newest ZC they make today (yes, they have changed again)...
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    Towards "Anything Goes" (WCA Puzzle Policy)

    Personally, I think you should be allowed to use whatever cube works best for you. Since its different for everyone, there really aren't cubes with advantages overall.
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    What is your favorite cube / puzzle?

    Gans3 actually is quite similar to the HuanYing, but not nearly as good. I has that same loud noise and is very light, but doesn't cut through everything like the HuanYing. I really like the octopus core. No more crooked screws to worry about, and finding perfect tensions is very easy since...
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    MoYu Weilong, totally uncontrollable for me

    3mm of space is a lot, actually. That's more than I have in mine and it is still quite fast. I usually tension (most) cubes with less than 1mm of space between the centers and core (when center is pulled). Some cubes require looser than this because of the design, but try it with the weilong...
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    [Help Thread] The "Square-1 Help / Alg Sharing" thread

    This site has the best list of SQ1 algs, ever, including extras, like PLL for SQ1.
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    Please tell me how to make my SS 7x7 better

    Mine was perfect out of the box. I never touched it.
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    Pillowed V-Cube 6x6 and 8x8

    Yeah, that was me, haha. The V cube 5 is actually incredible. It takes a while to really break it in, but so what? It performs much better than the ShengShou because of the nice springy corner cutting. The SS5x5 just locks up unless you take hours to mod it, which I don't see the point when...
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    MoYu AoSu 4x4x4 Speed Cube (10 Testers Selected!)

    I have to say, I'd be even more interested in testing this product than the WeiLong v2. I liked the WeiSu a lot, and am interested to see how they've improved it. I was a tester for the WeiSu and HuanYing for you (HKnow). I have a very trusted opinion with my subs (approx 730) on you tube...