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    [NR] German - Cornelius Dieckmann - 4.77 3x3 single

    Oops, I did it again. I think it's pretty clear from my reaction that I was completely astonished by this. For one, it's only been two weeks since I got my 4.83, which was tied by Sebastian Weyer last weekend and which I thought I might never beat. For another, I do yellow cross only about once...
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    [German NR] Cornelius Dieckmann - 11.56 One-Handed Average

    These are competitive times in German speedcubing, so I'm really happy to still be able to break national records, especially in what's become sort of my pet event in the last year or two. These solves were my first official solves of the competition, on Saturday morning, which normally isn't...
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    CubingUSA Regional Championships

    But unlike with nationality, which is relatively fixed, this precludes people with a lifestyle without a permanent place of residence.
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    CubingUSA Regional Championships

    But how do you define 'live'? If a student has a home region and a region in which they go to school, so spend half their time in one region and half in the other, do they get to pick, sort of like people with dual citizenship?
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    Assessing interest in a speed-cubing book after losing my work

    You lost 100,000 words? I don't even know where to begin my condolences. I would probably read such a book, but I don't know that there would be a broad readership in general. It sounds like you're going for something almost academic, and the group of cubers who are also keen on cubing-related...
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    [German NR] 11.89 OH Average (11.22 without counting +2) || Cornelius Dieckmann

    I don't know how to feel about this: on the one hand I finally managed to break my old average NR of 12.56 with a really nice time, but on the other hand it would possibly have been the new European record average (11.37 at the moment) without the +2. Why did I have to try to do U2' instead of...
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    [Official] Official 3x3 Averages: 7.30, 7.61, 7.84 (Cornelius Dieckmann)

    Nice averages throughout, especially in round one – just 0.07 short of my PB average. My ‘real’ reaction in that round comes after solve four, and not five, because it (the 7.21) was the last one I did chronologically, as it was an extra attempt. The mean of the 15 solves is 7.72; hope I can...
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    [German NR] 9.51 Onehanded Single (Cornelius Dieckmann)

    This beats my own German record from 2015 by 0.02 seconds, improving my world ranking from 20 to 19. The last layer was a pretty easy ZBLL case: Anti-Sune U Sune.
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    Peterborough Open 2017 (UK) - 4-5 March

    Reserved for you. Just come up to me at any point. :)
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    Peterborough Open 2017 (UK) - 4-5 March

    Selling: 2 black MoYu AoFu cubic 7x7s (unopened) -- £25 1 black MoYu WeiChuang GTS (unopened) -- £12 (RESERVED) 1 black MoYu GuanLong Square-1 -- £2 (cheap because it's quite prone to POPs)
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    [Official] 3x3 Average: 7.23 (Cornelius Dieckmann)

    Finally, after two years and 25 competitions, I beat my old PB of 7.53. So happy with this! And I'm also back in the top ten. Feels good to know that 21-year-old me is faster than 19 year-old me. Times: (9.32), (6.43), 6.99, 7.21, 7.48
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    [Unofficial] 3x3 Single: 4.58 Seconds (Cornelius Dieckmann)

    Exactly one second below my official PB, and sub-WR! It helps when there's a five-move double x-cross (I didn't realise I was going to have two solved pairs, to be honest; I thought it was only going to be a normal x-cross). The solve probably should have been even faster than this. But still a...
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    [AfR] Yassine Bettahar 9.15 3x3 single and 10.58 3x3 average

    Congrats to Yassine! Looks like the time was erroneously recorded as 9.19, instead of 9.15, in the WCA database, though.
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    UK Championship 2016 - 4-6 November - Bristol, UK

    Yes, that's me. :) Just come and talk to me sometime tomorrow. See you then!