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    3x3 CFOP Example solve thread

    z' y // inspection R2 B' U' F2 U L U2 L d' l U2 l' // XCross + Setting Up For 2nd Pair U L' U L2 U' L // 1st Pair U L' U' L U2 R U R' // 3rd Pair d M' U R U' r' // 4th Pair R' F R U R' U' F' U R // OLL R U R' F' R U R' U' R' F R2 U' R' // PLL 32 Moves F2L, 55 Moves Total Next: B U' B2 F2 L' B2...
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    3x3 CFOP Example solve thread

    x y // inspection U2 R' F R U' R' L' // XCross U R' U' R // 1st Pair U L U L' U2 L U' L2' U L // 2nd & 3rd Pairs (Cancellation) U R' F R U R' F' R F U' F' // OLL U' R U' R' U' R U R D R' U' R D' R' U2 R' U// PLL 21 Moves F2L, 49 Moves Total Next: B L' U2 D F' L' D' F U2 B2 U' R2 U' D2 B2 R2 B2...
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    3x3 CFOP Example solve thread

    y2 // inspection U' R' u y R' U R' F U M U' M' U' L' U L M U M' // Misoriented Edge XXXCross + Set Up 4th Pair U2 R U' R' // 4th pair d' U' R' F R F' R' U2' R2 U R2' F' U F R // FLS U F' U' F R2 u R' U R U' R u' R2' U2 // PLL 22 Moves F2L, 51 Moves Total Next: F2 R' D2 R2 D2 B2 R' F2 D2 L' U2...
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    [WR] Tymon Kolasińki - 4.86 3x3 Average

    2 Counting Mid 4s, plus an almost sub 4 single to top it off. GOAT goes baaah Reconstructions (credits to Stewy on SpeedCubeDB): Solve 1: 4.02 Seconds - (3D View: Scramble: U' L2 D' B2 L2 R2 D2 U B2 F' D F2 U B' F' L R F L R2...
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    [ER] Tymon Kolasiński - 1:57.14 7x7 Mean

    Congrats to Tymon for an insane average, plus the 1:51 NR single as well!
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    Rubik's WCA European Championships 2022

    The sadder part is Carter getting 9th in R1 with a counting 4 :(
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    [ER] Tymon Kolasiński - 3.97 3x3 Official Single

    Reconstruction: Finally Tymon gets his well-deserved Sub 4 Single after the 3.75 fail. Gratulacje!
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    Average movecount for Psuedo X-Cross

    So basically pseudoslotting has shown itself as the new potential of speedcubing, and even I am interested in using it in my solves. However, I do recognise (no pun intended) the limits of pseudoslotting in terms of recognition, hence I only utilise pseudslotting within the means of inspection...
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    [OcR] Charlie Eggins 15.78 seconds 3BLD single

    Dropped his former mean pr by a full 3 seconds to an astonishing OcR of 17.84 as well! Big congratulations to him!
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    [ER] János Bereczki 1:42.51 7x7 single, 1:58.65 mean

    Holy guacamole Also yeah, he is acutally the 4th person to do it. The previous 3 were Max Park, Zhangshuai Zhou and Ciarán Beahan.
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    Famous Cuber Watch

    It is WB3. WB2 is 2.42 by Xu Ruihang ( - featuring pseudoslotting
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    [Help Thread] How to Get Faster using the Fridrich / CFOP Method

    All right, I am back with another query on intuitive F2L vs algorithmic F2L. So here, What ottozing was implying, as I could tell, was that learning algorithms for F2L can really benefit in F2L lookahead. However, this definitely puts down efficiency which is the strong point intuitive F2L...
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    [WR] Leandro Martín López 29.27 Megaminx Average "Next month he should compete in the South American championship in Brazil, but he is not sure yet because he does not have the money. “I’m going to try to...
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    [WR] Zayn Khanani - Skewb 1.84 average Beat Carter's 1.86 by 0.02 Carter has one more round at Sioux Falls, lets see if he can pull it off (unfortunately he didnt) Dethroned faz to be the legenadary skewb god
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    3x3 CFOP Example solve thread

    // inspection F D' R U R y2 F L U R E' R U' R' E // XCross + Preserving 2nd Pair R' U R f R2 f' // 2nd Pair + Set Up 3rd Pair L U' L' // 3rd Pair F' U2 F // 4th Pair F' U F2 R2 U F' R' F U' R2 F2 U' F U // Anti-PLL 26 Moves F2L, 40 Moves Total Next: D R2 U' F2 D' L2 F2 L2 D' B D2 F U' B2 F2 R'...