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    Speedcubing in Malaysia

    lulwhat ?? this is a Malaysian cuber's thread .. how the hell did you end up here ?
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    The 3x3x3 Example Solve Thread

    z2 - inspection D B F' D' F R2 L D' - Eo-Line (8) U' L' R U2 L' U2 L' R U R' U R U' L' - Left Block (14/22) U' R U' R' U' R - Blue-Orange Block (6/28) U R U' R' U' R U R' - Green-Orange Pair (8/36) U R2 D' R U2' R' D R U2' R- COLL (9/45) M2 U2' M' U' M2 U' M2 U' M' - EPLL (9/54)...
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    3x3x3 Example Cross Thread

    White cross with orange front z' y B' D M' 3 move cross , if you count the rotations in inspection. Next: B2 U' B2 D2 R2 U L2 D' F2 R2 B2 R' D F U R' B R B2 L B2
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    Introduce my new speedmethod - Tiến's method (ECDU method)

    isn't this just another belt method ?
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    [Unofficial] 3x3 Average of 12 - 8.83

    hebat , sangat hebat !
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    [Help Thread] ZZ and ZB Discussion

    @ porkynator Nice alg ! How do you know when you're going to do that kind of insert ? @ mDiPalma Woah xxx-EOLine XD I didn't even see that.
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    [Help Thread] ZZ and ZB Discussion

    What would you guys do if you had this scramble B2 R2 D R2 D R2 U R2 D2 L2 U2 R' D' B D2 B L R' F U' I got a 16 for this :p Reconstruction : z2 // inspection D2 R F D // EOLine / X-EOLine ? U' R' U R' // Block L U' L' U L U L' // 1st Pair U' R U' R' U2 R U' R' // 2nd Pair F ' r U R' U' r'...
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    [WR] Feliks Zemdegs 25.34 4x4x4 Single

    Hopefully the full speed vid are out sooner. He also got another sub-6 single :O for 3x3
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    Do you need to be ambidextrous for good fingertricks?

    You don't need to be ambidextrous. I do a Z sometimes if I'm not comfortable doing the alg with L moves. Just sometimes ..
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    How would you teach the intuitive steps of solving the Rubik's Cube?

    no no no you misunderstood me. how can I explain.... ok most of my friends doesn't understand a single **** when I show them some algs or even try to teach them the cube notations. The algs makes them feel that cubing is a complicated and scary thing. Forcing people to learn intuition is not...
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    How would you teach the intuitive steps of solving the Rubik's Cube?

    I thought my friends just to solve one face/layer at first( I ask them to do just 1 face if they have trouble figuring out). No need for the cross just one layer by themselves.If they can't do it I won't continue with the next lesson. This teaches them how to think/intuition. Of course if they...
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    [Help Thread] One-Handed Solving Discussion

    1. Practise ... a hell lot 2.For finger tricks maybe you might want to watch asmallkitten's video on how he turns for OH 3.Sometimes getting better at 2H can also improve your OH time... say maybe you're averaging 20 sec for 2H and 30 sec for OH then maybe a month later you're averaging 17s...
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    Racing to sub-20

    Should have done some warmups lol since I haven't been practicing and my cube is getting harder to recognize ( since its painted so for a ZZ solver like me it's hard xD ) 20.39, 25.61, (29.28), 25.02, 25.97, (15.05), 18.62, 22.25, 17.22, 18.03, 15.78, 15.53 Average : 20.44
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    "NEW" Race to Sub-30!

    Round 148 Event : ZZ-OH Average:36.03 Results:34.63, 33.22, (24.42), (40.05), 38.18, 37.38, 35.42, 38.02, 38.34, 35.84, 29.74, 39.51 :p
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    Racing to sub-20

    Round 287 Average: 23.80 Results:25.31, 22.84, 26.03, (20.95), 23.43, 23.06, 25.26, 23.33, 23.73, 21.88, 23.10, (29.52) Looks like I just suck right now :p