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    Fusion popping

    donovan *facepalm*
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    Shengshou 4x4 V-III?

    i think the SS 4x4 v3 will be the best 4x4 on the market, with the smooth turning, and the new anti-pop function, it will be nice!
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    Shengshou 4x4 V-III?

    regarding the v3 of the SS 4x4, it has much better anti-pop function, eg. the edge has some sort of pop out to hold on to each other. these are the V3 pic
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    Lubix Fusion?

    Frankly speaking, i have kinda lots to say regarding this matter, but i do not want to offend i will keep my mouth shut. but i will be observing everything......
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    [ViHow to assemble the Alpha CC, detailed views of pieces & how to use the Cap-Lifter

    hmmm.....alpha cc, never tried one before... should i???
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    The DaYan ZhanChi at LighTake: quick look into the warehouse where cube is assembled

    looks tempting!! i wish i stay near that place (*~*)
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    [Review] DaYan GuHong 3x3x3 Version 1

    Here the proof that the DaYan ZhanChi Test Version 2 is exactly that same as the Consumer Version even without any monir changes: The questions I asked in chinese :" 煙頭哥,請問一下,第二版本的展翅是否和現在在市場的一摸一樣??? 謝謝您~“(in red box) translated:" dayan(i called his nick), may i ask, is the version 2 of the...
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    ZhanChi, FIII, Alpha CC and more in my new unboxing video.

    why that time i bought my zhanchi, it doesnt have a black color cube~~~ if not i will have 2~~~
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    Your Collection... Post here

    Number of Puzzles: 43 Favorite Puzzle: V6 Hardest Puzzle for You: QJ White Skewb Kite(don't how~) Old Puzzle Owned (by purchase date): Rubik's brand 3x3 (3years ago). Newest Puzzle Owned (by purchase date): Dayan Lunhui and Zhanchi(prototype, transparent)(a month ago) List of All Puzzles: 1x1x1...
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    Lock Up Help

    lub it and adjust the tension till it won't lock-up!
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    buying from china

    there are some good quality cube on taobao...its just that you are on the wrong seller....
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    SpeedCube Timer Pro Released!

    is there a possible chance that it will be on the Android shop?
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    LanLan 2x2 keeps popping!

    tighten it, my lanlan never pops~