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    Other cubing forums?

    Also recommend r/Cubers on reddit; really great active and friendly community.
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    [Help Thread] How to Get Faster using the Fridrich / CFOP Method

    My advice probably isn't that good but since nobody's replied on this: I recommend you focus and improve your F2L, at 20 seconds for cross/F2L you should look into look-ahead if you haven't already. Cyboux's video on F2L look-ahead is really good imo. Recommend you watch the video from start to...
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    How should I improve my times now?

    If you were you I'd just start learning them now, they shouldn't interferer with your F2L progress and it's definitely a faster LL than LBL last layer. I'd also start looking into look-ahead for F2L.
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    How should I improve my times now?

    I think you can start learning the 4LLL algorithms now, there aren't many and it doesn't take long to learn at all. Other than that it's just practice and practice, I wouldn't bothe with 3LLL until you're <30 seconds or so. For now imo you should focus on cross/F2L. It took me ~2.5 months to get...
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    Is my time slow, and how can I get better?

    Yes. I haven't learnt 3LLL because I haven't bothered with it yet, but probably should soon.
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    Is my time slow, and how can I get better?

    Imo you should definitely get something better, your improvement may be limited by your cube. Even something cheap like a GuanLong($4) would do.
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    CFCE Certification!!

    Well it seems he's referring to CFCE. Not sure if this is a intended joke or not lol.
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    One-Answer 3x3x3 Question Thread

    I would suggest you start by learning F2L. It will probably be hard and make you slower at first(I took a minute to just do the F2L stage at first), but it's what will really give you a speed boost once you get good at it. There are quite a few good guides on F2L on youtube, but I learnt from...
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    Road to 4LLL Sub 20

    Road to 4LLL Sub 20
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    [Help Thread] Lubrication Thread

    After not having a proper lubricant for a long time I decided lubed my GuanLong with olive oil... Used ~2 drops. It seems to have somewhat worked well as the cube is much faster, but is it actually ok to lube my cube with olive oil?
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    Slow Last Layer

    Alright, thank you for all the replies and tips. Will really drill my algs and learn full PLL soon.
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    Slow Last Layer

    Yes. I mentioned in my post. :P
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    Slow Last Layer

    My last layer takes the same amount of time as my cross and F2L take altogether(~15 seconds). According to this page the last layer is meant to be a much shorter step. :S What can I do to decrease my last layer time other than just practice, which is what I've been doing? Could it just be that...
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    Critique on Solve Video

    Not sure if this is the right place to post videos...but here's a video of me doing a few solves. Recorded with facecam so quality and angle might be pretty bad, sorry. I use 2 Look OLL and PLL. Any help, tips or critique on what I should to do optimize my solve and get faster would be great...