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    Help me find a good 5x5x5 please

    Not to advertise, but if you're still looking for a store to buy the SS from, I'd go with iCubemart ( I've had really good experiences with them in the recent past.
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    Shengshou v3 or x-cube 4?

    No. If you're in doubt, just get the Shenshou v3 and put in a bit of lubix. The usual break-in time will be more than enough to make it the best 4x4 you've ever owned!
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    [Unofficial] 4x4 average of 5: 38.68 (34.05 single)

    Your A-perms on 4x4 are faster than mine on 3x3, amazing! Great solves :)
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    [Review] ShengShou 4x4x4 Version 3

    Do it! You won't regret the awesomeness :)
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    [Review] ShengShou 4x4x4 Version 3

    I just got mine a couple of days ago and did nothing but put a lot of lubix in the core and outer pieces. Pretty much everyone agrees that it's one of the best 4x4s they've ever used. If anyone is at Nats tomorrow and wants to try it out, find me :P
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    [Unofficial] 1:22.93 5x5x5

    Wow! If you upped your TPS to others that get similar solves, you could get some sub-1s in there! Also, sorry to sound nebbish, but is he solving his 3x3 at the same time as solving the tredges?
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    One-Answer Blindsolving Question Thread

    Yeah, if you're doing BH, you may as well go all out. If you really want to CO and CP separately, should just do 3OP (really, setup moves are not that bad, I promise!)
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    [Unofficial] Master Magic: 1.55 single

    Good god......... WHAT? Technically that would be a DNF right, since it isn't "flat" :/. Magic judges are always really strict about that, I hate it... But seriously, that's amazing! Better than a lot of regular magic solves! Bravo! Can't wait to meet you at nationals! :)
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    [Help Thread] SS Method Help & Discussion

    As far as I know, the inside joke of SS is that it's the most secretive method. You are only worthy of it if you are willing to figure it out on your own ;P
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    What I do at work

    Nice! What kind of software do you use? I use 3d Studio Max quite frequently for visual effects projects, if you need any help with lighting, etc. contact me! And yes, a huge cube (preferably something ridiculous) would be awesome!
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    Questions for anybody averaging about 20.

    I just started breaking 20s consistently, but here are my stats: 1) How fast is your F2L? (Cross included) : ~8-12 s 2)Do you use intuitive or algorithmic F2L?: Intuitive, though I know like, 2 of the annoying cases algorithmically 3)Do you know full OLL?: Nope, just 2-look, though I know maybe...
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    Weekly competition 2010-25

    Ved Topkar: 2x2x2: 4.88, (3.88), 5.62, 6.46. 4.61 = 5.04s (yay!) 3x3x3: (16.95), 18.06, 17.06, (21.70), 18.52 = 17.88 (yay!)
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    Questions to make a graph

    Age: 15 Speed: 15-20
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    [Unofficial] 2x2: 7.82 avg5 (With Annoying Reactions)

    Assuming you posted this for suggestions ;) : Just keep practicing, your solves seem pretty efficient. Try really looking ahead and recognizing the PLL and OLL before you finish the prior step. That's the goal when solving 2x2, preemptive recognition. Also, with practice, you'll get the TPS on...
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    Looking for a cube for my little sister

    If you're only shooting for around a minute, a Cube4You would be ideal, they come in literally every color you can think of. Get a pink or purple one (I'm thinking in stereotypes here ;) ) and get some of the new Cubesmith fluorescent stickers that have bright colors (including pink). And BAM :D.