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    Potential Texas Competition - South Texas Summer 2011

    <3 No date conflicts for me
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    Small Cubes Open 2010

    I will gladly fail at OH for the sake of three rounds OTHERS SHOULD DO THE SAME
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    Just spent almost an hour navigating to the zombie dungeon I found yesterday; my home cave system is ridiculously huge.
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    Easy / Lucky / Funny / Hard / Weird scrambles thread

    L2 F2 R2 B F L' R B F D2 U2 L2 U2 B F' R' U2 F2 L2 D2 U F' U L R' lolz
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    Small Cubes Open 2010

    I'll sleep under your bed.
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    Least Favourite PLLs

    Definitely these
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    Accomplishment Thread

    16.77 Average of 12 16.35 Average of 5 in bold
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    Forum Game: Keep a word, Drop a word.

    everyone dead
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    i chose speedcubin for it's citrus splash flavor but I worry that speedcubin would be evan bettr when i use it in my time of nead
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    Did I miss the twizzlarz?
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    Alpha 2 became horrible

    I put my cfy core in a few days ago (I thought you were doing the same?) and thus far really like the result; it's worth a try.
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    Accomplishment Thread

    Low 16 AII corner twist solve during an epic fail average of 50 (sd>2)