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    Roux Home Thread

    Consider also that for the non english-speaking people is more difficult to understand if someone writes words in a wrong way. V
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    Roux Home Thread

    Yes it is exactly for this reason that one do this. But how rouxers recognise the patterns? I have not yet memorised all the CMLL so frequently go with 2Look and sometimes when I build the left block whit white on bottom and righr block with yellow on bottom I cannot recognise the pattern and I...
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    How to Tell Whether You Are Sub-X

    if you consider a very large set of data you have to consider the fact that after a signicative number of solves your times tend to be better because of the learning curve. :p please formula for this :)
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    Roux Home Thread

    I'm not a fast solver. I do this as an exercise. When solving with white on bottom green on left, sometimes I build the right block with yellow on bottom if I see there is a pair already composed; then continue as usual considering white and yellow equivalent when looking at the 4 corners of the...
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    Roux Home Thread

    do it, it would be very appreciated :tu
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    [Unofficial] Heise Method: 19.52 avg5 and 14.75 single

    +1 for videos I'd like to learn the method I go with roux and I like blockbuilding
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    Seven Towns vs. Dayan - Color Scheme Copyright Infringment

    if the problem is the colour scheme... who knows, maybe selling a cube scrambled is legal!? It would be a pain to control if a scrambled cube have a certain scheme. not immediate, i think.
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    Pattern thread

    4 dots (rUR'U')6
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    [Unofficial] Some sub 8 3x3 singles!

    where are you from, Dario?
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    A Roux guide for beginners

    Hi, I learned CFOP but since the first days I've been interested in Block Building Methods. Recently I decided to learn Roux too and in order to memorise the steps of the method I collected images and simple algs in a document. I want to share this pdf hoping someone else (a beginner like me)...

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