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    Color Neutrality, Pros and Cons

    I used to be color neutral, but after a while I noticed that most if not all of my inspection time was used just figuring out where to make the cross, and not actually planning it. Now that I only make the cross on white, I use my inspection time much more efficiently, and can even look ahead to...
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    Official WCA Cuboid Event

    Honestly if they ever used a cuboid it would probably be a 2x2x3, as it has came the farthest in terms of hardware.
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    Which would be a good addition to the WCA events? (Poll)

    I agree completely with the octohedron idea. I beleive lanlan has a face turning version. the skewb diamond is technically a face turning octohedron, albeit a deep cut shape mod.
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    WCA/Competition Website Errors

    thanks! now I just need to wait for a delegate to confirm me.
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    WCA/Competition Website Errors

    I'm having trouble creating an account. the site says that my email has been used to create a wca account, so it won't let me create one. So i tried just signing in, and it said that my wca ID doesn't have an account yet. Any help?
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    PB single to overall average ratio?

    17.5 / 7.64= 2.29057591623
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    CubeDepot Rap in Line Rider!

    I made a track in Line Rider that syncs with the DGCubes CubeDepot Rap. You currently need to have the audio playing on a seperate device, starting at the same time, but it works. If someone would please make a video of this with the CubeDepot Rap audio so I could post it on my YouTube channel...
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    Tempest 3V1 Development Thread (Hi)

    Mix of bumpy/smooth Light Gliding feel Stable Splits Squared off corners Crescent edges Also, i prefer that cubes are easy to lube/unlube, and have no holes in the peices.
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    Easy / Lucky / Funny / Hard / Weird scrambles thread

    D' R2 D2 R2 F2 R2 B F D2 B' D2 U' R2 F R' B' U' F U2 L' X' Y //Inspection R' F R' F' L' D'// Xcross Y' R U' R'// Second Pair U L' U' L// Third Pair L U L'// Fourth Pair U' L F' L' U' L U F U' L'// OLL U' L' U' L F L' U' L U L F' L2 U L//PLL 40 Htm My first sub-10! 7.64
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    Red Bull Rubik's Cube World Championships

    Cubing isn't a spectator sport in the slightest. if it was, this would've happened a long time ago, and nobody would've cared. Cubing is for cubers, not spectators. The whole idea of 1v1 is completely stupid. I would quit speedcubing if all events ended up turning into this cesspool.
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    $50 To Spend on

    All of thecubicle's custom lubes, aka Lubicle silk, Dnm 37, Lubicle 1, Lubicle black, Lubicle speedy, Lubicle gummy, And Lubicle.
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    Gans' first 2x2!

    Technically speaking, this is gan's 2nd 2x2, after the ganbox v2 2x2 [gan 2160]. Then again, this is their first comp legal 2x2.
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    Rubik's Brand lawsuit against The Cubicle

    It is my belief that they are doing this purely to reduce competition in the market.
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    [Discussion] What is the next advancement in puzzle hardware?

    The yuxin mega should be close enough.
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    Rubik's Brand lawsuit against The Cubicle

    Thecubicle brands their 3x3s as 3x3s or speedcubes, not Rubik's Cubes. The only 3x3 that they claim is a Rubik's product is, in fact, a Rubik's product. IIRC, Rubik's never made a bandage cube diy kit, so their picture for diy kits is not good evidence whatsoever. A lot of these claims are bull...