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    What’s your favorite 2x2?

    I don't do 2x2 that much, so I still use a MoYu WeiPo. It's also not magnetized.
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    What Is your Main 3x3? Poll

    My current main is the GAN 354M. Recently got it to replace my slowly dying QiYi Thunderclap that I magnetized using thecubicle's magnet kit.
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    Accomplishment Thread

    Recently hit the milestone of cubing for 5 years! Started speedcubing in late 2013.
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    [Member Intro] Oh Hello!

    A good source for learning various 3x3 algs, including PLL is The site is ran by the Cubicle.
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    What's your PB 3x3 single?

    Currently, my PB is 11.79. I think it was mostly a full step solve, too! Really fast and efficient F2L. My PR right now is 16.75. Don't remember much about the solve itself, but I was really surprised when I got it. Mostly because I was still in the low 20's at the time of my competition in...
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    [WR] Yusheng Du - 3.47 3×3 single

    I can't believe that the WR single is already sub-4! Mostly because of the time it took for the WR to be sub-5. I believe it was 4 years to sub-5, and for sub-4 it only took 3. Yeah, there is barely any video, and the rest of the people in the round didn't do as good. I still think the record...
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    [Member Intro] Hi

    Welcome to the forum!
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    [Member Intro] Hey!

    Wow! That takes some skill to become sub-20 in a matter of months. It took me 5 years to get barely sub-20. Mostly because I stopped cubing for roughly a year. Good luck with getting NR! Doubt it will happen for me because the Canadian NR is sub-5
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    [Member Intro] Hello

    Welcome to the forum! May I ask what you average? I think I have some tips that might help you get faster. Right now I average between 18-20 seconds.
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    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    From personal experience with the GAN 354, I agree. It's the best 3x3 I've ever had
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    Easy / Lucky / Funny / Hard / Weird scrambles thread

    At the last competition I went to, I had an amazing 2x2 average. 2 move layers. Don't have the scrambles, but the moves were U' R2 or U R2 on the solves. Definitely under 20 moves. Other easy scrambles. I once had a 1 move cross on 3x3. That was a PB of mine.
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    What are your favorite podcasts?

    i enjoy cubing podcasts. the current podcasts i listen to are the Dlsone podcast (With DGCubes and others) and Kit Clement and Andrew Nathanson's (colorful pockets) Layer by Layer podcast. both are very different from one another.
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    Aside from cubing do you play music?

    Currently, I play a little bit of Electric guitar, not much other than that
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    Magnet cube should not be legal for BLD events

    Personally, I don't think that it would give someone a certain advantage. Probably because of the fact that when speedsolving, blind included, that the person solving doesn't really notice the magnets all that much, as their mostly in place to make puzzles a bit more stable. Also, I think most...
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    US Nationals 2019 Location Predictions

    Well it's official, Worlds 2019 is in Melbourne, Australia