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    The New Method / Substep / Concept Idea Thread

    EOline is made up of two parts - EO and line. EO means that OLL is reduced to the 7 cases, and that every edge on the cube can be solved without using F or B. The line means that the FD and BD pieces are solved (so the front and back parts of the cross). The reason ZZ starts with EOline is...
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    Proposal: More delegates more competitions

    There are absolutely problems in certain areas, but delegates don't just get created. Qualified organizers (people who have been to competitions and helped out significantly) need to email the WCA board to show their desire to organize, and also have a delegate that knows they can do it vouch...
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    Lexington Spring 2015 (Massachusetts)

    Alex Maass, how do you pronounce your name? I don't want to mess it up when announcing competitors!
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    [Help Thread] Is my cube / puzzle a dud?

    Ok, thanks for the help everyone - looks like my puzzle is fine :)
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    [Help Thread] Is my cube / puzzle a dud?

    I bought a cube that's supposedly an AoLong V2, but it feels kind of strange and also has spiky things coming out of the center cap to hold it in. [image here]. Is this a legit AoLong V2?
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    Team USA Logo?

    Neither of the above two posts actually have the image file of the logo, just pictures of the jacket.
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    What to do when you hit a barrier?

    Could you post a video of a few solves? There should definitely be things to work on at 40 seconds, but it's hard to say what they are unless we see some solves.
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    How do I practice CLL?

    This tool has an invert function:
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    Lexington Spring 2015 (Massachusetts)

    MirzaCubing: yes, that is what I meant, my bad :) . I fixed it now. AlexMaass: Glad to hear it! Lexington competitions are something everyone should experience at least once :D
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    Are the Nationals 2014 mats washing machine safe?
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    Downloadable linux cube timer?

    Prisma timer works on Linux as it is written in Java.
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    Lexington Spring 2015 (Massachusetts)

    NOTE: You MUST register online, there is no at-the-door registration, but you can pay at the door. [CubingUSA Link] The Lexington Cubing Organization Team is very happy to announce Lexington Spring 2015 on April 11th. We will be donating all profits to UNICEF. Our events will include: 3x3 (3...
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    I've just released a cube app for Android

    I can help translate this into Spanish, so please pm me if you are interested.
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    Sounds good! Also, it would be great if Lazy Einstein could add Ortega.
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    Is this still in the works or has there been some sort of change? I don't mean to rush anyone, I'm just interested.