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    The Line Method (new 3x3 method, w/ tutorial, suited for beginners + advanced)

    Hello, Thanks for the method. I tried it, and it kinda works, but aren't there some errors in your 34-algorithm CO set? Have all the algs been verified?
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    Complex 2-Move Generator Reduction Method (c2gr)

    I'd like to, but I don't quite get the Teoidus' CP recog system, that's why I found this one by zz good. Btw, Teoidus' manual on github is gone :( I have yet to find a complete manual for ANY CP-first method.
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    Complex 2-Move Generator Reduction Method (c2gr)

    Hello, Thank you for sharing the method, it is very good. But the paper in the link only describes the 1st step out of 4. Am I supposed to know the other steps? If no, where are they described? Thanks in advance.

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