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    Higher dimensional Rubik's cube

    The math is a tad beyond me, but the generators of the group is easy to explain. Let N be the number of dimensions and for simplicity the puzzle is 3^N (as opposed to L^N, with L>3 which would have additional slice maneuvers). Each of the 2*N facets/sides can rotate in a number of ways (not...
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    I can atest to the ones in the issues in the last hour. And oddly enough, the Twisty forum seems to be experiencing problems today as well. EDIT: What did you mean by servers? Are you hosting this place privately, on your own server, through your school, or commercially? EDIT2: Ya...
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    Age of competitors?

    Who is Mike H.? WCA lists his first comp as US Open '07, so how does that imply veteran? Anywho, most of the veterans are fairly invisible in the community now that it's over run by teenagers, I think. But it does seem like all the new cubers come from the really young age bracket. So what...
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    Cincinnati Summer Open 2008

    I might actually go to this one... I'm in the Detroit area but near a major freeway so that it's only 3hr 28min drive for me. It sucks that it doesn't have 5x5, as that is my strongest event. With typical turn out I'd probably take first if there was one.
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    7x7x7 Edge Issue (gabbasoft)

    If yellow face is F and blue face is R, then perform R2 (Dd)2 {flip the RB edge group} (Dd)2. You can flip the edge group using whatever you want that doesn't effect the rest of E layers or their center orientations - usually 6 turns like B U' B' R' U2 R.
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    Rubik's Cube Vector

    OMG, someone should totally do that, that'd be awesome.
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    7x7 centers by reduction

    I've been doing this for over 1 year on gabbasoft's 7x7. I had the idea pretty early. And it doesn't show much promise. It's something to add to the arsenal, but the recognition is pretty tough even after I've practiced it for a long time. There are cases when the a center triple is already...
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    Just to add my opinion, or what I'd do in the same situation... I agree with both Leviticus and mrbiggs. He said "basically stealing" not just "stealing", which is a wording distinction that works for me. It's not really wrong to keep it, but I know I wouldn't feel right about it. I would...
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    Lubing V-Cubes

    I totally disagree. The plastic is probably somewhat different, especially that it is *white*! Maybe... maybe you can apply the same treatment as other white plastic cubes such as the white-DIY 3x3, but I think the original post asks good questions. In my experience, white plastic tends to be...
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    Switch groups of centers then.
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    Solving 6x6-7x7 oblique centers

    It makes so much more sense to order them: A A A B D A B B D D C B D C C C Certainly, it extends better for bigger cubes. I think a lot of people (including myself) are stuck in the habit of numbering it top->bottom, left->right. For this orbital it sure seems strange: x x 1 x 2 x x x...
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    Help! 7x7x7 Last Edges (Gabbasoft)

    I got bored and made this: It's probably exactly what the OP is looking for. -Doug
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    Help! 7x7x7 Last Edges (Gabbasoft)

    That doesn't work! The OP's case was for parity. In such cases it is not appropriate to apply a commutator. (r U2)*5 like AvGalen said would be a simple way to fix it.
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    I actually like the notation of o+/o- centers even after not liking "oblique" too much. The shape of the letter seems to make perfect sense to me. The only problem is enforcing an intuitive distinction between the CW vs. CCW variety. I find something like [l2 b1] really confusing. This is a lot...
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    Official 'Post pictures of your V-cube thread'!

    Whow, Lars sure looks happy in that picture. But who wouldn't with 224 euros worth of new cubes (2 of each). I just found out that such an order would have costed me $439.23 dollars! Now you must post some vids of you speedsolving them - at least the 7x7. -Doug