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    WCA Guidelines 2012

    But there still is a difference. I know there is no +2 for FMC, but it is not clearly stated in the regulations. And I think having a +2 penalty in blind doesn't make sense because it is against the "spirit" of blind solving. In blind you don't go as fast as in speedsolving, and I never saw...
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    WCA Guidelines 2012

    SUGGESTION (9f14) : Take the sum of the counting times in count before the best time to resolve ties, because it is unfair that someone with a 10.101 average can get beaten by someone with a 10.104 average. There are several examples of such cases. SUGGESTION (section A) : Clarifying the...
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    Odd WCA stats/ Stats request Thread

    Lyon Open 2011 : Bence got 17 podiums and 12 wins.
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    [Unofficial] 7x7 single 3:14.05 by Lin Chen

    0.10 seconds too fast :p
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    Huge qqTimer Update!

    Could you update the version ? The firefox 9 bug isn't fixed on this version.
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    Huge qqTimer Update!

    The random-state square one scrambler doesn't seem to work for me. It displays "scramble : [object Object]"
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    2011 Forum Awards

    Best first post : cyril
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    Mark 2 Scrambler

    Ubuntu 11.10 64-bits Intel Pentium P6000 (2 core) 2 GB RAM Firefox 8 (I did several runs, this one was the fastest but it sometimes took twice as long) Chromium 15 (really faster) : Very nice work !
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    Square-1 WCA-Style Markov Random State Scrambler in Javascript

    Clément showed us a optimal square-1 scrambler at last Montpellier Open (in May) which looked like this one...
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    World Championships 2011 Bangkok

    So now there is no sound at all...
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    World Championships 2011 Bangkok

    please remove this annoying music in the background :(
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    God's Number for 4x4 Found!

    3:00.76 dayan-mf8 4x4 is really not good for OH
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    I'm doing a TV promo for Worlds with Will Smith!

    11.84, 13.27, (11.78), 13.23, (14.10) = 12.78 PLL skip on the first and 1LLL on the third (2 corners twisted only) :P
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    How many cubers have already achieved sub10?

    He actually is in the list...
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    How many people have done 777 BLD?

    Lars Nielsson ?