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    What Is your Main 3x3? Poll

    why no V-Cube 3 smh
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    [Help Thread] How to Get Faster using the Fridrich / CFOP Method

    get ur F2L down to less than 8 secs my guy
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    Modified Gan 356 Air SM (modified)

    sounds like a good deal
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    Online purchases...Gone wrong

    So far I haven't been scammed since I order from trusted retailers with reliable service and customer support such as scs and tc but there are a looooot of fake websites out there which I am not going to name and that's why you always gotta be careful when purchasing ANY item from the internet...
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    How to teach newbies [or how to make cube disciples]

    I agree, I'll probably use this method for last layer when I teach non-cubers
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    [Help Thread] Skewb Discussion and Help

    there's a lot of complex fingertricks for a very fast and optimal Zed perm.
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    Corner Dented on Aofu GTS M, is cube still legal?

    I agree with what my man Carter said
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    Selling many cubes for very cheap.

    I'm sad to hear that you quit cubing. I'm not currently purchasing anything but I hope you do well and succeed in whatever you're majoring buddy.
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    3x3 Gan 356i : Teaser and Hype!

    woaj, it looks like a more improved version from the Xiaomi one, I prolly spelled that wrong but whatever
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    [Member Intro] Hello,I am grr parity

    I hated learning it but now I enjoy doing it lol
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    [Help Thread] How to Get Faster using the Fridrich / CFOP Method

    Hi there! 4-Look Last Layer will be fine until you hit the sub-15 or sub-20 area, as for now you should be focusing on F2L efficiency (meaning finding solutions with fewer moves for as many F2L cases as possible )and planning your whole cross during the inspection. Watch this vid if you're...
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    Heavily Discounted Cubes

    my apologies for this being off topic, but I love your vids bro
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    What's your PB 3x3 single?

    That's amazing! If you dedicate yourself to learn more and practice hard, you'll improve significantly
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    What's your PB 3x3 single?

    9.31, my 2nd ever sub 10, hope you've gotten better since last year lol