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    Does it tick you off when people say they "figured out" how to solve a rubik's cube?

    Maybe it's just me but people say the solved it once I tend to believe them. Maybe it wasn't a real solve or something but I don't think thye're just randomly lying about it. I don't know maybe I'm just optimistic. I was actually really interested in solving it "by myself" because I feel it's a...
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    [Theory] 2D State Diagrams

    When I click the links to download the simulation it downloads a zip file containing a .xml file and that GeoGebra program can't open either of those.
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    Petrus LL question

    thanks for the responses! I finally learned all the 7 OLL petrus algorithms (I should have done that a long time ago) and I'm going to start learning PLL. 21 algorithms isn't really that bad. also I think I found a nice substitute for Allan, or I guess it's also call U permutation. I'm working...
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    Petrus LL question

    Hey I'm new to these forums. I've just been browsing them a few days and I this is my first post. I've actually been solving the cube for a couple of years and I come back to it sporadically and now is one of those time. Right now my average is in the low 40's and I've been stuck there for a...