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    How to post video?

    Step 1: Tap the "Plus" icon if you're word anticipator is "on". If it is "off" then go to Step 2. Step 2: Tap the "3 Dot (additional options) icon". Step 3: Tap the "Photo Sharing" icon and select "Attachment". Step 4: Initial setup complete - return to your reply screen.
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    How to Solve a Fisher Cube

    Great tutorial Marty. Even though I already know how to solve this puzzle it was still enjoyable to watch, especially since the way you solve it is a little different to how I solve it.
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    Cube Cover Tutorial

    Ok. thank you very much. I will try my best to finish it. I will share experience with you.
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    The History of One Handed World Record Singles.

    You are welcome. Continue to play more.
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    The History of One Handed World Record Singles.

    Awesome video. I really admire their talented. great job i cant do it with two hands and with it hardly scrambled. brilliant job well done!
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    Best Budget/Beginner SpeedCubes

    This was a really well-done video, and it was enjoyable to watch even though I am now more in the intermediate-advanced performance range. It gives me an idea of what cubes to recommend to my dad and my sister who are just starting out cubing! Good Job!
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    Cube Cover Tutorial

    hi, I am following your all steps. Unfortunately, I cannot find GIOTTO glue. Can I apply other glues? If you have known other glues like GIOTTO, please suggest me immediately. Thank you so much.
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    Suggestions for Simple Mods

    This is how I made my siamese Rubik's cubes i don't think I am the only one to it this way. But I haven't looked up any plans so I can say this is my take I the Siamese cubes. I have used : 2x V-cube 3 Hot glue(optional) Superglue Sandpaper( various grits ) Dremel tool Step 1: Preparing the...
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    Selling collection

    It is very interesting. i want to play it so much. I have a collect of cubic. It makes me more creative smarter when I try to play it many times. I am looking for difficulty cubic. For me, It may be expensive and ship to my country is very high. I am regret I cannot buy this more.