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    Racing to sub-20

    Haven't practiced for a couple weeks, so we'll see how this goes. Using a different cube today and experiencing serious lockups. L2 R2 B R2 F D2 F L2 U2 B2 L' D' U' B' U R U2 R' F2 R2 - 23.42 F' L2 F L U2 F' B2 D' F L' U F' L2 F B U2 L2 B2 R2 F - 21.61 D' L2 R2 B2 D L2 B2 D' L2 U R B D2 F' D2...
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    Is speedcubing ultimately doomed?

    Interesting and worthy of discussion, even though the technology is pretty far off. Even today, it's entirely possible that a person with a small hidden ear piece could be receiving instructions from someone viewing remotely (via hidden camera), essentially making it a team BLD solve. Heck...
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    Vancouver Open, Summer 2013 - Week after Worlds!

    You certainly did, thanks. I got my quote mixed up, so thanks for posting. Side note, I wasn't specifically trying to be a sanctimonious smartass with the "not just about you" comment...okay, maybe a little.
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    Vancouver Open, Summer 2013 - Week after Worlds!

    Thanks again to everyone for a great competition. for prize sponsorship, CrazyBadCuber for securing of said prize sponsorships, Central City Shopping Centre for hosting the venue, and all of our great volunteers and competitors. My personal favourite moments: -Failing to...
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    Racing to sub-20

    Cubes used: Da Yan Zanchi (black plastic) with Cubesmith stickers, from a DIY kit without mods. Da Yan Zanchi (white plastic) with original stickers L F2 L2 R' B2 L' U2 F2 D B' L B R U R2 D R' U' L' - 19.25 D2 B2 U2 B2 L2 D' U2 L2 B2 U' R2 B' L F2 R2 U' B R' D' F' L' - 21.42 L' U2 D' R' D2 L'...
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    Racing to sub-20

    Been a while since I've done this, and with another comp in just a week, I should've started up months ago. Cube: Dayan Zanchi F2 R U' F' R' F2 U' F2 R U' R2 F2 D' L2 B2 U2 D' R2 U2 - 22.90 B' D' R U2 F' D B R2 B2 U B' R2 U R2 U' L2 U2 F2 U - 22.04 R2 U F L D' R F U2 R2 F L2 U B2 R2 U2...
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    [WR] Kristopher De Asis 5x5 single 52.65

    Way to represent, Kris! Don't cut the hair, it gives you your power.
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    Groovik's Cube Seattle 2012

    Just wanted to say thanks to Nick and Zheng for all the hard work in organizing. While I wish I was able to get in a Groovik's solve, it was great to get everyone together and see some awesome solves. That, and I beat four official PBs: OH single/avg and 3x3x3 single/avg. See y'all at the next one!
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    Racing to sub-20

    Dayan Zanchi. Still overshooting turns. 23.40 / 21.06 / 24.11 / 23.36 / 22.19 / 19.00 / 22.56 / 23.63 / 26.72 / 20.09 / 21.27 / 22.13 Average: 22.38 EDIT: Just for fun and practice, I ran through the same set of scrambles and my average was actually higher. Looks like it's more practice and...
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    Racing to sub-20

    24.05 / 23.44 / 27.68 / 20.46 / 24.19 / 17.02 / 18.94 / 22.69 / 19.05 / (15.66) / 18.94 / (DNF) Cube: DaYan ZanChi (blk) Avg: 21.65 Lucked out with the PLL skip. The cube is a bit loose so I'm overshooting some turns.
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    Is there a difference between black and white?

    There is a difference, although it's not absolute. If you compare the white coloured (although more like cream coloured, but they call it "original colour") ZanChi ( with a black one...
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    Lightake - Always Best Cubes with Best Price, Try now!

    Lightake-purchased Zhan-Chi issue Anybody have this problem? I purchased two black Zhan-Chis from Lightake and one of the corners wasn't fitting together properly, and upon closer inspection, I realized that it wasn't fitting because it belonged to a different puzzle. I was trying to...
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    [WCA Regulations 2012] Removal of Magic and Mastermagic

    I don't compete in the Magic events so it wouldn't be a huge loss to me if we were to lose it, but I can see more reasons for keeping it than removing it. Apart from the judging concerns (which will be a given with just about every puzzle and competition) and personal tastes, I would argue that...
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    How many puzzles are enough?

    My buying habits have slowed down a bit...I'm starting to approach a 100, which includes a few non-standard puzzles (Dogic, 2x3x3, Skewb Ultimate, Mirror Blocks, etc.). I keep most of 'em in a milk crate, although I have the unique ones and special editions on a shelf somewhere.
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    Lightake - Always Best Cubes with Best Price, Try now!

    Uh oh. Is Lightake down right now?