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  • Sub 11 on 3x3 with CFOP, sub 4 on 2x2 with Ortega/LBL, sub 4 on Pyraminx with L4E, sub 20 on OH with CFOP, sub 50 on 4x4 with yau, sub 6 on skewb with intermediate. I'm also sub 1:40 on mega and sub 40 on squan but I don't really do those. I'm in the proccess of learning 3BLD.
    Almost sub 12 on 3x3 (CFOP), but I'm not quite consistent enough to say that I am. I'm almost sub 4 on 2x2 (Ortega/LBL). Pyraminx I'm trying to get sub 5 and I'm probably switching to L4E from LBL soon. I average around 23 for OH. And I'm using a really loose Wuque, so when it doesn't pop, I'm sub 1 for 4x4. 5x5 I would like to get sub 2 but my cube hurts my hands (Redux). Sub 9 Skewb (Sarah's Intermediate).
    I am a generic sub 15 CFOP user, and my splits are about 1.5, 7.5, 2.5, 2.5. I also do 2x2 (Sub 5 Ortega) Pyraminx (Sub 10 LBL) OH (Sub 30 CFOP) 4x4 (Trying to get sub 1 Yau) 5x5 (Sub 2:30, Reduction) and Skewb (Sub 10, Intermediate). https://cubepb.com/user/296494
    I’m only faster at skewb sort of sub 5 I feel like I have some natural talent in that event
    I finished OLL, so I know full CFOP now, yay! Average is 15, splits are about 2.6, 7.8, 2.5, 2.3. My main is the Valk Power M and my other events are 2x2 (Sub 5, Ortega), Pyraminx (Sub 10, LBL), OH (Sub 35, CFOP) and 4x4 (Sub 1:20, Yau). I also do a bit of skewb, mega and 5x5 but I'm trash at those.
    Woohoo! Only ten more OLLs to learn!

    Also to clear things up I messed up on the sign-up page and accidentally clicked on the wrong age. What it says on my profile is ten years older than I actually am.
    Hi, I'm new to the forums and I'm barely sub 20 with CFOP. At the moment I switch between the Valk and the Air as my main 3x3s and I am wondering when I should switch to a magnetic cube. Also, my splits are around 1-3 for the cross, 8-11 for f2l, 2-3 for oll (2-look but I know around 20) and 1-3 (1-2 excluding G perms) for pll (full pll). Any tips on what to work on would be appreciated.
    You can switch to a magnetic cube whenever. I would probably go ahead and switch. Learn full PLL. Learn some F2L algs for harder cases. Try to minimize rotations. Don't rotate at all in LL.
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