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    100 Days WITHOUT Cubing (My Biggest Mistake)

    It's fixed, sorry Youtube changed its interface
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    100 Days WITHOUT Cubing (My Biggest Mistake)

    I Haven't uploaded in a while and this explains why, thank you for taking the time to read this.
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    Valk4 M

    Yes, I have a cosmic Wingy skewb which I have done hundreds of solves but It hasn't broken in yet, if you want to you could just wipe it out with a napkin, but I would prefer to keep it in.
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    max park | TEASER TRAILER

    Who's your favorite cuber, personally I think that Max Park is the best cuber out there, so to show my appreciation I decided to create a short film on him, hopefully to be released 6/30/19 be sure to subscribe to stay notified when it happens
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    [Member Intro] Skewb is definitely the best event there is.

    very easy to learn, fun to do, and a unique puzzle I agree to your statement
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    Valk4 M Unboxing and Review | Birthday Unboxing!

    I felt that the previous Valk4 reviews left out some important details so I bring you my review of the Valk 4 M
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    Valk4 M

    I ordered the stronger magnet version, as I expected to help with TPS, Out of the box, the outer layers are really fast and nice, and the middle layers have two magnets on each piece like the Gan 460, this I expect this makes parity algs. from what I heard the Aosu GTS2M has better...
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    Why It's Almost Impossible to Solve a Rubik's Cube in Under 3 Seconds | WIRED

    Max Park had a sub-3 solve once, but it was a re-solve, so now we know its possible
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    How many Youtube subscribers do YOU have?

    42 subs started 3 months ago
  10. Tony Acevedo Answers | What is the worst incident that happened to you in a Competition?

    Thanks for the advice I'll be sure to do it for the next one
  11. Tony Acevedo Answers | What is the worst incident that happened to you in a Competition?

    Using this website I made a video that I'm pretty proud of, and as of now its the longest video I have on my channel
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    It's your boi "Kendrick Cuber", I'm already subbed on two accounts as you know.
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    How did you start cubing?

    Be sure to include-(Does NOT have to be in this order) - what got you started - what was your first cube - and what progress you've made. Be sure to spend some time because your response can be made into a Youtube Video, I go by Kendrick Cuber on Youtube, and I make some high-quality videos so...