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  • Yo Andy!

    Will you check out my video on the video page and provide any feedback? Breaking the 20second barrier is killing me so I posted an Ao5.

    PMs are full.

    "-central park
    -top of the rock
    -messed up statue of liberty :(
    -orangina chugging

    I'll ask my Dad in a few minutes, I just realised it may cost more to have you...
    If you stayed, unfortunately you wouldn't have a bed :p"

    Spoke to the hotel, have to retract the offer sorry. Can't add another person.
    Part II

    The Gans cubes are really nice to look at, but mediocre in terms of performance. The GansII isn't getting any better than when I first unboxed it :eek:(

    How's that difference between POM and regular though? Is it really as "night & day" as others claim?

    The torpedoes actually perfectly fit in the first prototype that I have too, not sure if you read my post on this with the picture I posted? I think the final is more or less the same cube with minor changes to the centers. I believe they were just waiting for the LunHui to settle in before releasing the ZhanChi. They probably didn't want the cubes to compete on a parallel release. And hype of course...

    Your inbox is full so...

    Yeah, they're really nice cubes those Dayans ;o) The CC is okay though, you might like it more than I do. I'm just spoiled rotten by the DaYan kit ;o)
    Not sure about the F-III either. Wasn't a big fan of the F-II so I'm not expecting greatness from it ;o)

    I don't own the Fusion but I have got the the Competition version which is its predecessor. I modded the the Competition Version as far as I could to get it to resemble the Fusion. The Comp. was a bit locky at first, but that has been reduced by the mod. Still need to get the real Fusion.
    I wouldn't recommend the MuFang as a main cube though. It's nice, but not as good as the DaYan cubes IMO. If you like collecting and have the cash, just get one and let me know what you think. It's a good and cheap cube either way.

    End of part I
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