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    StackMat G4 signal glitch?

    I can't remember seeing that glitch either when working on I haven't used the new G4 timer when building it, though.
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    [Unofficial] Maskow: MBLD 24/24, 24:38

    HOW??? More serious question: How often do you practice multi / memorization? :( I believe Dennis was second with 10/10 at the time I broke the record. I'm not sure about the rankings at the end of old multi bld, though.
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    Maskow: 50 cubes multiblind attempts

    It was my main event as well. Devotion itself might be impressive, the result achieved through it isn't necessarily impressive though. I think that's what he's getting at.
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    qqtimer modification to export times in JSON format

    I'd suggest using for encoding dates. It's pretty much the standard across every format which doesn't have native support for dates. Also: Instead of using an array of three elements I'd use JSON objects to make it less confusing. I can't figure out what...
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    Towards "Anything Goes" (WCA Puzzle Policy)

    Could you please provide a link? I found this: at (IAAF Competition Rules 2014-2015). That's even stricter than any puzzle regulation we ever had.
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    [WCA Regulations 2014] Scramble Filtering (new poll)

    Thanks for your answer! Unfortunately I've no experience with the Java build ecosystem either, but know the language pretty well. Since I hate these messy mailing lists/google groups, I've opened an issue on GitHub to get the discussion started:
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    [WCA Regulations 2014] Scramble Filtering (new poll)

    Another argument against filtering: No one would waste his time arguing about (seemingly) arbitrary limits.
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    [WCA Regulations 2014] Scramble Filtering (new poll)

    I think this is a very strong argument against scramble filtering. We have created this artificial world in which some states are considered "acceptable" while others (potentially just as fast to solve) aren't. This is inconsistent, leads to longer regulations and seemed to be a headache for...
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    Cubing Websites?

    Check out
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    [WCA Regulations 2014] Logos and Stickers

    Sharing it with the WRC would be the best idea: This will reach more people than just Lucas. Also feel free to post it on speedsolving. This might lead to interesting discussions everyone benefits from. \edit: As cubizh mentioned, have a look at...
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    [WCA Regulations 2014] Logos and Stickers should already deal with this. Why does this matter? Using custom stickers is perfectly fine.
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    [WCA Regulations 2014] Logos and Stickers

    Don't jump to conclusions, read the old regulutions.
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    [WCA Regulations 2014] Logos and Stickers

    I meant "I think" more in the sense of "I believe". I, of course, don't have any evidence. As far as I know: No one has any evidence either way. How would you even provide that evidence? Why I think thicker tiles provide an advantage: You can see more of the cube with less tilting.
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    [WCA Regulations 2014] Logos and Stickers

    Did you quote me on purpose? I made this point simply to point out the issue Arnaud's suggested rule has (I could've used any other illegal cube for this example. Feeling stickers during BLD would've worked just as well: You can't prove that someone put his finger on DL in order to feel that...
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    ksolve+ v1.0 - general-purpose algorithm finder

    Yeah, git is unfortunately far from easy to understand, but IMO worth learning. I especially found learning how git works internally very rewarding [1][2]. It's surprisingly simple. Anyway, SVN+google code or mercurial+bitbucket would be fine as well. [1]...