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  • So do you have those cubes available and what other cubes do you have? Thanks. And could you please clear some messages so I can PM you?
    Petezorzz: I replied to you in speedcubing in melbourne. You never said any screws were stripped, if you had told me when it arrived, I would've refunded/sent a replacement. You said you didn't like it, but you mentioned no where it was broken. Where is the proof you didn't drop it. You say you noticed when you got it, but you haven't said anything until now. Why? If you said it was broken, I could've refunded it.
    I picked up my Dayan 4x4 yesterday, and it fell apart completely. I found the problem, it was one of the screws holding the shell in place. It was stripped. I tried fixing it by super glueing it back but that didn't work. Actually, it's not really the screw. It's the triangle piece that connects the shell to it. When I first got the cube, I noticed that one of the screws was extremely loose but I didn't think it was a major problem. It was not my fault that this has happened, I received the cube in this way.

    I had not done anything for this problem to occur. Do you think I can get a Maru 4x4 off of you? A white one, and maybe I'll buy a Shengshou 5x5 as well. Also white. Will you be coming to the meetup this Friday? 7th of October. I am really worried that my mum is gonna kick my ass for wasting $20 on the Dayan 4x4. Now I have just left it on my desk and haven't touched it.

    anyway, sorry for sending so many emails and PMs. You havent been replying.

    Thanks for your help Tim
    Hey Tim, do you think I can buy a shengshou 4x4 at Melbourne Cube Day? (If you have them in stock at that time)
    Sorry, once it's in Auspost's hands it's out of my control. 26th of August? I thought you were talking about something much more recent. Email be your receipt and I'll resend it.
    Nezhmetdinov: I've shipped a lot of orders, but I believe I shipped yours about 2 days ago. It could still come. Also, email me in future please.
    I bought a cube on Sunday last week Transaction ID: 9BW108078S6639100. When will I receive it?
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