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    [Unofficial] Kamil Fiedoruk subWR singles Master Magic

    A6c) The timer must be stopped using both hands, with both hands flat and palms down. Penalty: 2 seconds.
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    How should WCA treat defunct countries?

    From the view of a political scientist it's easy to say how this has to go: When Yugoslawia was parted, every citizen had to choose wich country he wants to be part oft, therefore the nationality of him has to be changed. But this is only the "legal" way. You're correct in saying, that he...
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    Skyler Variation (SV)

    This is an interesting approach I think, what held me from learning many of the other variations is that extra look... The "Problem" of this approach ist the enourmous number of algorithms. But I've decided what to do (for me). I will start by learning the cases for the flipped edge and...
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    [Review] ShengShou 7x7x7

    Good review, I've a question: In the video at 3:55 you state that the inner layers can turn alone. I'm not able to see it in the video, but are you preventing the top layer from moving while your moving the inner layers? Or asked differently: When I turn the inner layer, will all the...
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    Hunger Games

    "Do you guys know what they call hunger games in France?" "Battle Royale with cheese!"
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    Efficient Practice Limit per day

    I've a question: What is so hard about making the answers of a poll exhausting and exclusive? (For those who want to read something about that: mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive ; google it!) For your example it would be: up to 30 Minutes or < / = 30min 30min up to 1hour...
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    Barefoot Running

    I read the whole thread in one turn. And I'm very interested in barefoot running. But there is one thing i didn't see an answer in this thread (and is probably a part of the line between shoe-runners and barefoot-runners): What is the best way to get to barefoot running? Some people...
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    [Unofficial] 3x3 blindfolded in 6:53.40

    Nice job Geert! I'm still working on my memo System, tried tapping first now changed to images.
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    Eindhoven Open 2012

    I'm definetly interested, but would also ask for which events would be on schedule.
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    Speedcubing on Belgian television

    I think it's a very good video! It gives a very positive image of speedcubing, and whats most impressive: It gives lots of informations and a touch of spirit of cubing! Good Job! @Zoe, yeah i liked Lauras comments too, she told me mainly the same :-D
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    The brand name ranking thread

    I'll go the reverse: Looking at my (Main-) Cubes there is: 3x3 Dayan Guhong 4x4 Shengshou 5x5 Shengshou 6x6 Shengshou 7x7 V-Cube I could live without my Guhong, because of many other good 3x3 brands...but without my Shengshous? I think not...adding, that the 7x7 Shengshou will come...
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    Treating Cubing like working out in a gym

    Nice thoughts. My times are also getting better when doing averages about 50 solves per day every day (better than doing like 100 three times a week) After pausing a few days my times get worse (like 2-3 seconds on average) when i start doing my daily Avg of 50 again, my times get better...
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    [Unofficial] V Cube 3 First Impressions/Review

    I do not want to give any advice that sounds like the one truth! But if you ask for my opinion: I'm staying with my Lubix Fusion (+ Torpedos, so its maybe a Elite).
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    [Unofficial] V Cube 3 First Impressions/Review

    Hi, i got my V Cube 3 today and wondered why there are no videos and reviews about it, so i decided to make one. As said in the video: Reviews and Videos are not my type of hobby, I just wanted to show the pieces and tell you my impressions about the new V-Cube. So don't expect to much...
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    My Tips for Becoming Color Neutral

    Hi there, I fell over this thread and I have to say I always wanted to be ColorNeutral. Not only in the way "I want to be faster" but more the way it is more flexible while solving. I always asked myself why a red cross is not working for me. And it certainly is a limitation of my mind while...